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    Chroma key source code - user Digitalfragment

    A Help With My Code does not work   please   float4 main(float2 uv : TEXCOORD) : COLOR  {   float4 color = tex2D( inputSampler, uv ); //Capture image Colors...   color.rgb    = RGBtoHSL( color );      float3 colordistance = chromaKey( color.rgb, RGBtoHSL( float3( 0.47, 0.98, 0.00 ) ) , 0 );    if ( all( abs( color.rgb - colordistance.rgb ) < ( Tolerance ) ) )    color.rgba = 0;   color.rgb = HSLtoRGB( color ); //Convert HSV to RGB...   return color;  }
  2. wesleybobato

    Chroma key source code - user Digitalfragment

    ok Thank You For your Attention.   Have a Nice Day.
  3. wesleybobato

    Chroma key source code - user Digitalfragment

    Thank you for your answer.  You have something to Chroma Key to please help me?  Thank you so much
  4. Hello guys.   Could someone help me to Get Dominant color of an image?   Detect Correct Green Color.   Thak You for All.
  5. Hello guys    I found an error in this code because manhattanDistance need 2 parameter  what would be the second parameter (RGB1 and RGB2)    float dist = smoothstep (0, threshold, manhattanDistance (chromakeyColor, ??????));      float manhattanDistance (float3 RGB1, RGB2 float3)  {  float3 dist3 = abs (RGB 1-RGB2);  return dot (dist3, float3 (1,1,1));  }    float4 chromakey (float3 pixelrgb, float3 chromakeyColor, float threshold)  {  float dist = smoothstep (0, threshold, manhattanDistance (chromakeyColor));  float alpha = 1.0 - saturate (dist);  return float4 (pixelrgb, alpha);  }    Thanks for listening.
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