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  1. endofnight

    Help making an old school RPG

      No worries. The RPG Maker MV looks like a really good program. I think I'm going to spend the $79.99 and pick it up!
  2. Long story short, I want to make a game like Final Fantasy III for SNES. I have no coding experience. Ideally, I would love to save up thousands of dollars and pay somebody else to make it for me. This is a long term goal.    What exactly, would it take to create a game like this? I read in another thread that Skyrim had an $80 million budget. Would it cost millions to make an old SNES RPG? Thousands? Hundreds?    What kind of work are we talking here? I know that the game is huge, the world is huge, the backstories are huge. So obviously a lot of work. I'm a musician so I figured I could compose and record all of the music for the game in my studio.    Is this a reasonable goal? I'd love to have my own game like final fantasy.
  3. endofnight

    Help making an old school RPG

    It just occurred to me that the RPG Maker is Windows only? Right now, I only have a mac. 
  4. endofnight

    Help making an old school RPG

      SOTL,   I can't figure out how to use the RPG Maker VX Ace Tool you sent me the link for. Am I missing something?
  5. endofnight

    Help making an old school RPG

    That's a great idea SOTL. Thanks for your help!
  6. endofnight

    Help making an old school RPG

    Well, I found this sprite creator online called Piskel (http://www.piskelapp.com/)   It turns out that I'm not very good at creating sprites haha. I failed horribly at creating a character and I can't even imagine having to do that with EVERY character, boss, building, and weapon in an entire game.   I need to find some people to do this for me. I will gladly pay them. 
  7. endofnight

    Help making an old school RPG

      Hi Sean,   Thanks for the response. As far as quality goes, I'd like my RPG to be very similar to Final Fantasy III. As far as how much content, not really sure, but Ideally, my game would be as long as FF III in game play length.
  8. endofnight

    Help making an old school RPG

      Thanks for the response. RPG Maker VX Ace, looks really, really awesome. I would love to play around with that if you don't mind gifting it.    Ideally, I would want to create my own sprites and certain buildings. Honestly, a lot of the templates in the RPG maker would work just fine for lots of stuff like trees and non important buildings. For the more interesting buildings and stuff though I would rather create my own. Is there a way to import your own homemade sprites into that maker? Thanks again for the info!
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