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  1. Greetings- Well I don't know if this has changed. It is a very important topic if you are not looking at your projects carefully. I need absolute control of a /bin directory to give 777 permissions on Windows 10 Home with VS2015 Community. I had the command internally documented and now cannot referecne this on the net.   Can anyone just give me the Developer's prompt one that sets the current build users permission to allow to write for all to the selected directory. In my case /bin.   Any help would be greatly appreciated-   -- Install configuration: "Debug" 2>  CMake Error at cmake_install.cmake:31 (file): 2>    file cannot create directory: C:/Program Files (x86)/GameEngine/bin.  Maybe 2>    need administrative privileges.   Regards-   Chris Russo
  2. fancypants

    Need Blender Addon Sources or Alternative

    Thanks-   I seem to see that that lnk references a linux installdepends.sh and what to do with a git request. I am using no repository because believe it or not it doesn't work for anything Blender and am using windows 10 64-bit. Dos anyone know how to get installdeps.sh to work with the Windows release?   Thanks in advance I really appreciate the response from members of Gamedev.net since alternative reources are unreliable compared to the real guru's here!! LOL   Regards-   Chris Russo
  3. Greetings-   Well unfortunately I am not an Artist but am a Reverse Engineer working on some 3d Gaming concepts. I have a problem with the simplest thing. I am trying to take a 2d image .jpg and transform it into a 3d Vectorized Mesh. The tools I already have will work but I really feel comfortable with a version of Blender that I had tested some time ago.   I can't find the versiob from Blender.org anymore that works as a regular application as shown on youtube.com Blender demos. I have the C++ sources, but am missing some dependencies that are not included with the Blender.git pull. Can anyone provide me with a link to these sources so I can just add them to my C++ build environment.   Thanks in advance!!   Regards-   Chris Russo
  4. fancypants

    Building GameEngine GameEngine.dll won't load

    Hi-   Thanks both especially for the great reference to Books that are really relative to the subject!!.   I am just getting the error that the GameEngine.dll won't load up and all of the relative files are built. There is a configuration utility that may have the problem in the project configuration.   I have looked at this issue before and when using an SDK SDL2 for me for some reason SDL_main.dll causes this issue unless it is the correct release and distributed binary for that version of the compiler. I have found there was no way to work around this when I was on a Solaris Box doing builds and got invalid Win32 application. Hope that makes sense!! LOL.   I will check the VC++ Directories and make sure realtive pathing is correct as I have but maybe I overlooked something. I will supply a few screenshot's later pertaining to the issue.   Just for record no matter what software I use that uses any SDK's which SDL are included other than CoCos. I have these realted issues with building. I have a feeling even if this error goes away when I try to launch the .exe it will say invalid win32 application when it is a 64-bit debug and relaease veriosns I am working with.     Regards-   Chris Russo
  5. Greetings-   I really can't remember how many times I hve run into this issue? The current release of a Game Engine I am working with has several steps to configure it correctly before build. Once built all required files are built. The problem is the debug version of the release won't load the GameEngine.dll so the debugger won't let the project to run.   Is there anything you suggest just in VS 2015 Update 3 that would be a common sense solution that I have not thought about.   Thanks in advance!!   Regards-   Chris Russo
  6. Want to know what you feel about the MSI post what is what we all need the RED DRAGON Project
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