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  1. All of these posts are great feedback and information.  As I expected there are fans of both engines and either one is powerful in its own right.   @Gian-Reto,   I appreciate your detailed answer on why learning C# and Unity would be the better choice.  It is not by any means a desire to not learn C# that is pushing me towards UE4.  I hold a strong belief that the right language is the one that is right for the job.  There is no one size fits all language.   I am currently learning the Android SDK for work and have been working in Java for a while now.  Before this I was working mostly in C++, so I felt that the best way to focus on learning an engine was to use the one that would provide primary support to a language I am familiar with.     I have learned many new languages over the last few years, and I would like to delve a little deeper into C++.  I think the best way to do that is to use it in a hobby project.     As for the complexity of the Engine.  It sounds like both have their quirks, so I should take a look at that.  I mean worse case I play with UE4 a bit, love or hate it and continue with it or switch. It is just a hobby for now right?   @Phantom, If I used the wrong terminology I apologize, but this is the beginner forum.  Open Source/Free licensing and terms are complicated and easy to confuse.   As for the engine being a rewrite, I am sure they have both following the general iterate and refactor loop that long lived software goes through these days.  So your comments make sense.  Thank you for the clarification.   @Syntac_ Thank you for your opinion on the use of UE4 vs Unity,   I think I am going to go with my last posted plan and mess around with UE4 for a bit.  Worse case, as I mentioned, I will switch at a later date.
  2. So from what I am finding, it looks like you can use C++ only in Plugins and then wrap them in C#, is this true?     I am new to using these engines, does this add complexity into the development process with Unity?   I was hoping to avoid learning another language and focus on learning the engine right now.  Also I know C++ is the predominant language in the industry right now.
  3.   So I was looking at Unity when I started, but I was unable to find any tutorials with Unity using C++.  I will have to do a bit more digging.  This was also pre the free SDK update, I thought c++ dev was an extra fee.   Any suggestions?
  4.     Thank you all for responding and sorry for my delayed response.  This is great.  I have decided to do the following.   1. Continue trying to pick up some Graphics classes and work in my Grad school work.  As a result I am getting experience with openGL and low level Graphics programming.    2. Pick up 1 engine.  I am currently planning to pick up Unreal Engine to start. It allows me to work with C++ and to focus on creating the games and learning the engine rather than worrying about the language.     3. Once I have played with the Engine a bit start my first game, something small and finish it.     Thank you all again.
  5. Hello all,   I wanted to stop in and post here as I get started with Game Development.  I have come to this site many times with the ambition of digging into game development.  I am a Software Engineer in my day job, working in mobile development right now.  I have experience with C++, Java, and a few other languages as needed.     I have gone back and forth for a while now where to start.  I have a simple game idea I would like to build for my kids, but I keep getting stuck on what to start with.   The language and programming should not be an issue, I have a decent amount of experience and can pick up other languages as needed.   My Goals: Create some simple games to start for my kids and see where it goes from there Practice my programming and have fun doing it. Makes games just because I can. Who knows maybe someday publish a mobile game on Android or iOS. Here are the options am battling with right now and the top reason I am considering them. Unreal Engine (C++) Most articles on getting started I have read recommend starting with C++ if you know it because if it the language of choice in industry. More than once I have seen it recommended to start with an Engine, I choose Unreal because I like that it is open source and that I can use C++ Java and Android development (I need to find and Engine and a good tutorial for this still) I enjoy Java as a language and could use more experience in Android development. I have read that starting with mobile can be challenging.  Is this true if I am already a mobile developer, just new to Game Development? SFML(C++) Should I start without an Engine? When would you chose to start with SFML? Thank you all in advance for any help.
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