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  1. uncleben

    A MMORPG thought...

    There are Ultima Online freeshards with farming systems... one is http://www.oldworld.de, but its in german.
  2. uncleben

    Fantasy HTML Design

    That sounds reasonable... I'm gonna give it a try.
  3. uncleben

    Fantasy HTML Design

    Programs like Dreamweaver create shitty html code so am doing the html code by hand. My problem is not the creation of the website but that of the visual arts on there. Such as nice frames, buttons and headlines
  4. uncleben

    Fantasy HTML Design

    Sorry if i did not make myself clear enough. I am talking about a game that is played with a browser, the website is the game.
  5. uncleben

    Fantasy HTML Design

    I am author of a Browser Online RPG, and now that the project starts to get more professional, i would like to do a better design for its pages, because i think, this way it can attract more players. I want it to create a intense athmosphere, and it should be just nice to look at. I would like to try to do the design on my own, because i have plenty of time at the moment. I wanted to use a tool like GIMP for the design. So can someone give me tipps how to start? Or maybe someone is even interested in this project, maybe? At the moment the project is german only, and it is currently offline, due to some problems we had. But i am planning to translate it to english when it's mature enough.
  6. uncleben


    I would make the enemy ships considerably different from your own ships. Maybe the enemy ships could be somewhat organic (like the zerg race in starcraft), and your own ships like you have drawn them. I like the style, go on like that.
  7. uncleben

    Graphics for an isometric game

    Personally, I would prefer the first solution, because the game will be enough work like that. If you are ready with the first solution you can maybe go on with more complicated graphical views in your next projects (or you extend the old one)
  8. uncleben


    For portability reasons you should care of Uppercase/Lowercase characters. So you should write #include <GL/glut.h>
  9. If you are searching for just a compiler for different languages, I think gcc is able to handle a lot of languages. Btw... Here in Germany I am enjoying the snow too :)
  10. Hi Telastyn, What Graphics API do you use? When you use OpenGL (with an orthogonal Projection Matrix), you can tell it that the screen coordinates shall always be interpreted between e.g. 0 and 800 for x, and 0 and 600 for y (for 800x600), no mather what the real resolution of your window is. This way you should have a perfect looking picture, no mather what resolution you are running the game at. Direct3D should have a similar feature. So for this purpose i would advice you to switch to a 3D API such as OpenGL or Direct3D, since resizing stuff is a lot faster, easier and cleaner in this APIs.
  11. uncleben

    Zuma algorithm

    Since you use the word algorithm wrong, i assume that you don't have that much experience in programming, so maybe you should start out with something more simple?
  12. uncleben

    Creating Game Fonts

    I am using my own bitmap fonts for my games, it really isn't hard to implement, and i think it is cleaner and platform independent. And the fonts can be anti aliased :) I don't know if the windows fonts support this.
  13. uncleben

    2D with OpenGL

    I am also using OpenGL for all my games. I really love it.
  14. I don't think that C# is very useful for developing games at all. In games, execution speed is one of the most important factors, and C# can never be be as fast as C/C++.
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