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    Budding Game Designer

    I really value your opinion. I have a lot of time to consider my options, so I'm in no big rush to figure it all out. Thank you!
  2. The Dark Lord Jim

    Budding Game Designer

    I think that your advice is wonderful. I also saw that interview on the front page about getting into game design. The problem is, it feels like it is necessary to go to college for game design if you want to get into the industry, but I'm going to be going to college for metallurgy and mining. Breaking into the field seems hard without the other skills, because you either need to be hired by a big company (but then you have to grind to become higher up, and being honest, the work hours might kill me from what I hear) or come out with a really good indie game, which means you need to do it all on your own, or form a group, which you discouraged. Are there any tips as a Programmer/Designer that you would have for someone like me? Should I think about switching my college path? Find some education online? Just jump in and see what happens? I'm not sure.
  3. The Dark Lord Jim

    Idea: Sci-Fantasy Survival FPS

    The idea was two things: the terrain of the playing map would be really dense with foliage, making players harder to see, especially if they are wearing the appropriate camo. The problem with this is it would mean turning off things like grass would need to be disabled to keep things fair, but that can cause really bad lag for not top of the line computers depending on the amount of foliage. The second idea i was thinking of is when a player is "sneaking", they are actively camouflaged into the background, kind of like an invisibility. The perception skill would either reduce the transparency of the sneaking target, obviously making them easier to see, or cause a notification on the perceiving players screen that point to where the player is, kind of like when you take damage in COD and it points with red to the source. Of course, these are just ideas, and if anyone else thinks they have an idea go for it.
  4. The Dark Lord Jim

    Idea: Sci-Fantasy Survival FPS

    One of my ideas for a game, the scope is a bit big, but I think its a cool idea and needs some feedback. Introduction: “Xeranath” is a sci-fantasy first person shooter on the pc that captures the Unreal Engine’s ability to immerse a player in a hostile world where mystical magic blends with modern weapons. Description: In Xeranath, you are responsible for an artifact hunter from the old world, the home continent of the humans. On first arrival, you venture out into the world in search of ancient ruins filled with potent artifacts. You are traveling alone, or with your companions, when a noise echos from the woods around you. This is your perception, or ability to detect hidden players with a combination of sound and vision. You turn around, to see a group of enemies, rifles armed, pointed at your head. You have two options, defend yourself with lethal force or defend yourself with a silver tongue. You decide to talk it out, but the bandits decide to rob you dry, and leave without a trace. If you had defended yourself with violence, and been successful, the blood of your enemies turn to energy, which you absorb and save to use another day. After your first encounter with the other players, you move on to your destination. On arrival, you find and ancient stone ruin, with a magical air about it. Inside this ancient crypts depths, you face off against vicious monster. If you had settled your first bout peacefully, the monsters energy is absorbed into you as you slay them. If not, the essence dissipates into the air, as you have already absorbed another’s blood essence. You fight through the monsters, some in groups, and some alone, until you come to an ancient rooms, filled with coins, statues, cutlery, plates, and any other ornament you could think of, all made of the finest gold. From the coffin in the center, an ancient Mage rises from the coffin, disturbed by your incessant killing of his minions. The Mage is strong, and packs quite the punch with his various weapons. He easily dodges your attacks, and gains power from 4 statues in the corners of the room. After destroying the statues, the Mage is slower, and you can finally kill him. The Lich’s energy dissipates, and slowly gets absorbed into the ornaments and statues, as they rearrange themselves into their former positions. Upon further inspection of the room, you find, underneath where the lich lay in his sarcophagus, an ancient weapon. You take the weapon, only to find that it is old and rusty, and relatively weak, but something is missing from a slot in the weapon. No matter. You return to the city, Xeranath, and ponder the other ruins. Rumors go around that nearly no ruin is the same, some are massive temples with master mages lying in their depths, some sprawling cities, home to ancient Elementals and vicious Dragons. Some contain a portal to the other realms, and require that a larger party must go to survive the fights within. But one thing stays constant, the boss will always have a Hollowed Weapon. In the city, you know of a place to use the essence you have stored up, whether it be Blood Essence or Ancient Essence, and the use of your Hollowed Weapon. First, you combine this essence you stored into a receiver gem, infusing the gem into a Blood Gem or an Ancient Gem. Then, you slot your gem into your Hollowed Weapon, permanently enchanting it with a specific power. Blood weapons are more proficient against Players, but require Blood essence as fuel to keep it at top notch. Ancient Weapons are more proficient against the Monsters of the world, but hence require Ancient Essence to keep the weapon at full power. You have heard of a different type of weapon, however, known as World Weapons. After some research, you learn that World Weapons require you to capture the soul of a world boss into a special world gem. You know world bosses are especially tough, and the process of killing it to absorb its essence will require assistance. You gather your friends, and venture out to find the elusive world bosses. Some take the form of wondering animals, lost elementals, or adventurous dragons, among other things. After find one and targeting its weak spots, you hold the gem to the dying monster, and its essence is absorbed. You slot your new world gem into Hollowed Weapon, and a new world weapon is born. World weapons require no essence to run at peak efficiency, as they gain their power from the world. They have no special proficiency against players OR monsters, but specialize getting every single drop of essence out of every kill. The benefits can expedite the process of weapon crafting and recharging, and are regarded highly among crafters. As long as the World weapon gets the last hit, it will surely absorb all the Essence of the kill. You are moving to another dungeon, as you are jumped again by a band of thieves. You decide to fight them, but they overpower you with skill and numbers. The last strike hits, and your sight fades to darkness. You wake up in the streets of Xeranath, with rags for clothes, and no weapons on you. Thankfully, however, you still retain your essence, as the normal weapons can only absorb essence native to you. If you had been killed by a world weapon, though, all your essence will be lost, whether it was drained into the killer or dissipated into the world. Thankfully, you have kept some spare hollow weapons in storage, so the journey to rebuild yourself will be much shorter. You regear, acquiring proper clothing to fit your needs, and your spare Hollowed Weapons and Gems, ready to be made into a new weapon. To bad you couldn’t store your enchanted weapons away too. Key Features: Open world PVP and PVE, as well as World Bosses and open Dungeons The use of a perception and stealth system, allowing player with high perception to detect players sneaking up on them, and players with high stealth to sneak up on players. Blood essence and Ancient essence, dropped from players and mobs respectively. Dying does not cause loss in essence, unless killed by a World Weapon. Common Weapons, which are cheap and require no Infusing Enchanted weapon, which require infusing from either a Blood Gem, Ancient Gem, or World Gem. Blood Weapons from blood gem Infusing have specific bonuses that assist in taking down other players, and require the player to infuse more blood essence periodically (like a durability system) Ancient Weapons from ancient gem Infusing have specific bonuses that help with kill monsters (applies to world bosses), and have the same durability system as Blood Weapons with ancient essence instead of blood. World Weapons from world gem Infusing have infinite durability, and steal all essence from mobs. If the player can not hold the essence, it will either go to a party member that also has a world weapon or dissipate into the air. Everything killed drops essence, and the amount of essence increases drastically when killed by a world weapon. The world takes place on a multi biome island, riddled with various dungeons, that recent after a period of time. Dungeons all contain a boss, who always drops a Hollowed Weapon. Some dungeon bosses are found through an instanced portal at the end of the open world dungeon. Instances are open to all, and the instance closes, is down for a period of time, and respawns everything after the boss is killed Rare world bosses roam appropriate biomes, and do not aggro player unless attacked. Very tough and require multiple players to kill them. Everywhere is a PVP zone. While killing players is the only way to get Blood essence, killing young players gives much less than old ones. Killing players also causes them to drop all loot accept enchanted weapons, which get destroyed and become hollowed weapons of the same type. “Age” is determined by how long the player has been alive, and online. Young players have either just joined or just respawned. Young players give much less blood essence, and older ones give more. This is to encourage people not to kill new players randomly, as they will drop next to nothing and give no essence. Weapons consist of melee (swords, polearms, daggers, etc) and Ranged (Rifles, Snipers, Throwing Weapons, Bows, etc). Genre: The genre is an FPS Sci-Fantasy, mixed with a bit of survival, MMO, and sandbox. Platforms: Platforms would start with PC, possible console ports as well. Again, if anyone has some feedback, that's great. I'd like you to keep in mind that this is a concept, hence there are no fleshed out mechanics or scripts or art yet. I just want to see if this is something people would want to make or play.
  5. The Dark Lord Jim

    Budding Game Designer

    I really love video games. I have been playing for most of my short life, and the idea of creating a video game always stuck with me, among other interests. I'm not too good at programming, and my art skills are sub par, but I feel like Game Design is something I really hit home with. I always have an idea of how I think I can improve a game, or ideas for an entirely new game in itself, but I wouldn't know where to start! Should I learn the other two skills? Should I focus on design and stick with that? If I do decide to start a game project, should I work alone? Should I assemble a team? What Engine should I use, or should I develop my own? If I do work alone, what is the best way to develop programming and art skills? Is it all about practice, should I use online resources and books? Frankly, I have no clue where to even start with making my ideas into a reality, so some insight is much needed.
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