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  1. Hoi. So, this whole question has a back story. Back in 2014 I believe it was, I started programming with Unity engine(I was only 12 at that time). I thought it was silly to use a pre-made engine for game developement. So I started using Directx11 to write my own engine, did some graphic things and moved on to proccessor programming(Raspberry pi), learnt assembly, programming peripherals. I thought it was dead end, I couldn't go more low level than that. But it started to get boring. I started to get demotivated. I'm thinking about moving on to programming microcontrollers(building my own circuit, programming it etc.). But here anxiety kicks in, I don't like the thing that I change my field of programming too often, I think it may affect my future job in a bad way. Whatcha guys think?
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