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  1. VladGordienko

    Fluorine Engine

    I start it in June. Before I make many various demo programs in Delphi. It's my first big project in C++.
  2. VladGordienko

    Fluorine Engine

    I need a job abroad, because my talents are not needed here. I'm more willing to get a visa and leave from here. I want to work where this job is appreciated.
  3. VladGordienko

    Fluorine Engine

    One of the main reasons why I made this was to demonstrate myself and my skills. Now I'm in the final year of university and I'm looknog for a job. I'm just 20 years old, and I have very big ambitions. It would be great to join the team or get into some company. Develop games with new, this, or external engine. I'm worried about it. Would be very grateful if anyone can help join a company.
  4. VladGordienko

    Fluorine Engine

    Finally I release source code! It's here: https://github.com/VladGordienko28/FluorineEngine also I fix my site: http://flueng.cf
  5. VladGordienko

    Fluorine Engine

    Here's list of engine features: -   Convenient TDI(Tabbed Document Interface) based game editor. -   Own C/Java style script language. -   Build-in script editor with syntax highlight and auto-complete. -   Every game object(entity) has own script execution thread, which allows         a few types of interruption. -   Easy extandable entities system.To make a new one just pick required         components. If you need to add behavious also add script. -   Tool for script debuging, which allows to inspect each entity in level         during a playing. -   Nice resource manager, helps to reduce memory ussage. -   Own physics engine, with rigid bodies and connectors, such as springs,         hinges and ropes. -   Support both tile and sprite graphics. -   Easy tools to work with tile graphics. -   Rectangular-Cylindrical skydome model for creation "dynamic" sky background. -   Portal system for making non-Euclidean geometry on level. -   Procedural effects of fire, water, plasma and etc. -   Images postprocessing. -   Dynamic lightsources with different effects. -   A few kinds of particle emitters, weather conditions. -   Streamed audio player. -   AI can: watch, hear, send orders and navigate in level. -   Extandable logic system which simular to circuit design.   If something is interesting, just ask :)
  6. VladGordienko

    Fluorine Engine

    It's not at GitHub yet. Tomorrow it will.
  7. VladGordienko

    Fluorine Engine

    Hi folks. A long time I develop my first own game engine. Now its finished! And I want to show it. Its only 10 little demos for now to show engine features. Plus I have a game editor which they maked. Engine created with VC++. I know art is awful, since I'm a bad artist. It's list of features in the file. Soon  I'll put my source at GitHub. Here's little video with engine demonstration:  And here my site: http://flueng.cf, you can download. How would you rate this? P.S. Sorry for my English)
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