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  1. I think that for an indie project, the amount learned from this and the notoriety gained makes it well worth the investment for other reasons. 
  2. A lot of good info here, thanks for the post!
  3. dakotahlamb

    Suggest a name for my game(15$)

    Twerking class heroes? 
  4. dakotahlamb

    Being realistic...

    expanding your skillset > losing $10,000
  5. I had the same thought haha It makes sense given his explanation though because it's usually beneficial to just kill them and get hearts/rupees 
  6. dakotahlamb

    How Does One Create A Walk Cycle?

    I hadn't thought of imagining pixel characters at varying levels of detail before but that makes so much sense!
  7. dakotahlamb

    How Is This Pixel Art So Detailed?

    That's one of my favorite things about indies :3
  8. dakotahlamb


    Have you any more info about this girl? She's got an interesting character about her
  9. I was thinking the same thing haha
  10. dakotahlamb

    My Year as a Mobile Gamedev

    I really liked how you outlined the uncomfortable but critical role marketing plays in the whole picture. So many of us just want to create but the reality of trying to get the game out there is about so much more than that.  Nice article and congrats on the year of learning! 
  11. Oh haha! Thanks. :-) It took me almost 3-4 hours. Or maybe 5.   Thanks for the effort!
  12. dakotahlamb

    Wrapping up 2015, planning for 2016

    That is so exciting about the headsets, i can't really imaging myself the changes it will bring to the industry. I hope one of my more well of friends acquires one haha
  13. dakotahlamb

    KREEP, change of plans.

    It's strange right? I guess it's part of the steam... metagame! 
  14. dakotahlamb

    KREEP, change of plans.

    Oh my gosh congratulations! I wonder what it'll mean for ya :)
  15. dakotahlamb

    Minority 7 - WebGL Isometric Roundbased Game

    The underwater scene is so rad! Good luck finding a good editor for 3d models. Is the sea monster holding an alien gun? 
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