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    The heart of the matter is that the Diablo franchise goes back 2 decades when there were NO touch screens and more importantly, the fans feel that games were honest products back then. Players could play a free demo and decide whether or not to buy the full game without being hammered by micro transactions, wait timers, adds and what have you. These guys love their pc games and love the old games known as the classic games. The Diablo games (1 and 2) are amongst these and considered by many to be some of the finest games ever made. Now these guys are at Blizzcon, Blizzard had hyped the fans up by means of a video msg back in August , and they get is Diablo on mobile. The fans aint silly Billy, they fully understand what direction this is all heading. That they are being considered cash cows by this company and are being introduced to Blizzard's brand new barn with Blizzard's brand new milking machine installed. What I find astounding is that the company (and some game journalists) don't seem to get it. "Why are these players not lining up in our brand new barn to have our new milking machine strapped to their nipples?? They're making noice and give us the finger?? What the hell is wrong with these players" This youtube content creator uploaded a very good video showing the reaction of Mark Kern on what he calls "The Diablo Immortal fiasco".
  2. There is a common mechanic where less and less experience is granted once a player outlevels the content in a certain area (diminishing returns). If you want to push the player on you could potentially implement diminishing returns on drops too if a player hangs out in a certain area to long. Xp and drops being motivating factors this might work but it must also be clear to the player what is happening. Perhaps the information could be shown on the mini-map, usually top-right corner of the screen. For example the name of the level and the effective xp/drop % the player is currently receiving.
  3. GimmeARPG

    Is Phil Fish a Jerk?

    Ok I've now seen the movie which I found very interesting. I see my previous comments were off topic sorry about that.
  4. GimmeARPG

    What game was this? FPS, low poly

    I can think of 2 fps where there are levels that more or less fit with the level you are describing and those are Duke Nukem 3d and Shadow Warrior (the first one, 3dRealms released shortly after Duke Nukem 3d. Cutting through buildings, fighting on top of skyscrapers, low poly count is all in these games too.
  5. GimmeARPG

    Is Phil Fish a Jerk?

    I agree with the parts where you say companies need to make money so that is what they do. It is the reality of running a business. My point is more of a moral issue of how they do it. If in an example like I posted above, the people in charge would personally say to their fanbase "look, this sequel is going to be different because we want to widen our audience, we would like you to know that before you buy it" than it feels a lot different then that they decide to hire a community manager who's job it is to tell the fanbase that they're all going to love the game because of how great it is. We all know they will not go for the first option but will get the community manager on to it. They will screw a part of their fanbase who were there from the first hour and bought their products when they were still a small startup company, just because they want to sell boxes. This stinks. I think you could compare this in some ways with the flak banks received during the 2008 crisis when the public realized the big bully banks out there were screwing people left right and center just to grab as much as they could. I think nobody finds it strange that these guys received all the flak they got and I think most people will say they got what they deserved.
  6. GimmeARPG

    Is Phil Fish a Jerk?

    (I don't know Phil Fish and haven't seem this movie) But I'd like to react to your post in general because I believe that on many occasions there's much more to this than meets the eye. And as a hardcore gamer I can give you a perspective from "the other side". Disclaimer I don't partake in any personal threats but I have on plenty occasions partaken in heated debates that typically start somewhat like this: A certain game has a dedicated fanbase. These fans have been there from the start and some of them have thousands of hours into the game, they interact on the forums talking about possible improvements to the game etc. Then a sequel is announced. All players exited and lots of discussion on the forums. However the hardcore players aren't happy this time because features they really like in the original game are being axed/are not coming back wtf?? It becomes more and more clear that the game is now being targeted at the casual player mostly and even worse, there are now options in the game that cost real money to unlock!! By now there are heated battles raging on the forums resulting in the hardcore players being called "a vocal minority" and forum bans are issued, making things worse. The hardcore players take it like a slap in the face and some of them will go a step further then just walking away from this company. The above is a simple real-life example and in my opinion it's not just the hardcore players who are to blaim but the whole money-driven motivation which seems to affect companies more and more. (With Pay2Win probably as most hated "business model" out there)
  7. I have designed a skilltree system for an upcoming game proposal. I'm exited about it because it solves an innate problem of the basic skilltree design, namely the fact that players end up investing all of their skillpoints in the best/most powerful skills. To do that they would either hoard their skillpoints while they level up or simply respec when they reach a skill higher up the tree (if respec is an option in the game). This problem has proved to be a tough nut to crack and as far as I know there has been no satisfactory solution implemented in an existing game. I could be wrong about that ofcourse and therefore I made this topic. I would like to know if someone knows of an existing game with a skilltree system that solves the problem I mentioned. I'm not looking for a mix&match kind of skill system, it has to be a system like the classic skilltree system that was introduced in Diablo2 if I'm correct.
  8. Thanks for your reply and advice. I'm on the fence with this but if I would use the real world site I would certainly contact the people protecting the site to ask if I can use it in my game. Right now I'm thinking about ways to workaround the issue without hurting the story to much. /undecided
  9. I want to use the actual historic site as a starting point for the sake of immersion. The fact that these places actually exist make it easier to get into the story and give a better experience for the player in my opinion.
  10. Yes I am aware the sites are physically being protected. For the organizations involved there most likely is a feeling of culture/historic value/pride attached to the site, they might not like to see the site in a game is what I thought.
  11. If I would use a historic site in my game, are there any legal issues I must be aware of? With historic sites I mean for example the great pyramid in Egypt or Stonehenge in England. The scenario (in my game) would be that the site I am referring to is not what it is believed to be or does not have the function it is believed to have in history. Instead I inform that the site is actually something entirely different and from here my game takes off. Could I run into problems because of any rights related to the historic site and the use of the historic site in my game? Also, I would like to use some artwork in my game and on my website which represents the historic site.
  12. GimmeARPG

    Serious Problems with computer

      I heard onedrive defaults to your c drive meaning not a good place to backup to if your c drive is the culprit
  13. GimmeARPG

    Open proxies and game security issues

    That's good to know. Thanks for replies
  14. I'm not an expert on this in any way so consider my reply just as feedback.    What I don't like about peer to peer setups is that when the host decides to suddenly exit for whatever real life reason, the game just poofs for every other player in the middle of what they are doing at that moment. If I as a gamer look for a multiplayer game to buy and realize the only option it offers is a peer to peer setup then I would not choose this game. Cheating would be a concern too because I know how inventive people can be to exploit certain weaknesses if it gives them an advantage.    I know you mentioned your reason why you choose peer to peer. I'm just thinking that in the end if you want to sell your game it's good to think that there are so many games out there using a client - server model that players can choose from. 
  15. I do not know much regarding this topic but I was wondering.   From what I read it's possible to detect when users are logging in via open proxy. And given that many cheaters (bots for example) seem to use open proxies to hide themselves, it would just seem logical for game companies to restrict access via open proxy.    Is it possible and if so are game companies actually doing this these days? Are there any negative side effects when simply restricting access via open proxy?    
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