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    Launching an app game.

    i am in it for programming and widening my knowledge of app development. also for the money yeh.... but at the moment i am focusing on building my app and building a good advertising base. i will be happy to make $50 out of my app truthfully.  so i don't have high expectations.  again focusing on advertising and marketing if you have any tips that don't involve large amounts of money i will be happy to hear. thanks for the heads up :P 
  2. omer berny

    Launching an app game.

    which forum should i go on than ? isnt this the business one ?
  3. omer berny

    Launching an app game.

    hahaha its my first time here lol u have something to share ? 
  4. omer berny

    Launching an app game.

    hey guys,    i am about to launch my first gamer with my friend on the google app store. i was just wondering if anyone has some good advice of how to advertise the game and what works?? i understand that advertising is almost as important as having a good game so please if anyone wants to give their piece of mind please do   thanks a million  
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