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  1. OK, sent a few to those who requested and still have a handful left. You can see a sample fight here (takes a while to load the first time to watch one - after that it caches a lot) PM me if you want one of my remaining invites, just need your email addy... Cheers!
  2. Webgame that went into Open Beta today (, but invites still the only way to get in. MSG me if you want an invite, only got around 18 left (new players get another 6 though, so more can be got).. Cheers, Starboy.
  3. Starboy

    Bombings in the UK

    Quote:Original post by capn_midnight First, I think it will strengthen the Scottish Seperatist movement, which didn't seem to show its face outside of Edinburgh. Perhaps the Scots will rationalize that this attack in Glasgow wouldn't have happened if they weren't associated with England so closely. How so? The Scots are as much a part of Great Britain as England is, and with a Scottish leader now, maybe even more so.
  4. What sort of game is it (Turn-based, MMO, RPG)? How many users do you currently have?
  5. Starboy

    Lucid dreams

    It's really great to read someone who has quite clearly had a 'real Lucid Dream'. I used to do it a lot (by accident at first) when I was a student about 8-10 years back, so have some experiences very similar to the one you just described. When I'd tell people of the awe I experienced when I dreamt lucidly, people would say 'yeah I have those too', without any real amazement in their voice. I know, as you do now, that those people hadn't yet experienced a true lucid dream. The losing control thing is spot on - I found I could stretch the time where I had control further and further as I got more practice, but there was always a point where I was literally fighting to stay in the lucid state, with my dream body seemingly being 'sucked' back into real awakening. In terms of techniques, there are several worth trying. The first is to keep a notepad by your bed and record your normal dreams as soon as you wake. The more you do this, the more you will remember, and the more it will help your lucid dreaming. The best technique I know of the bring on a lucid dream was afternoon cat-napping. I don't know what it was about this kind of sleep that worked, but I found it the single most reliable thing to do that eventually allowed me to lucid dream at will. That last word is important too - Carlos Casteneda wrote a lot about 'intention' when it came to lucid dreaming, and going to rest with the firm intention to dream lucidly was essential. It's probably worth reading up more about this, it's an important technique. Got to dash now, congrats on your first adventure and hope you have many more. Try flying next - you'll never forget that experience. ;-)
  6. Starboy

    Irish Company Promises Free Energy Device

    Quote:Original post by Dmytry DogCity, Prozak: route 1: learn at least *some* physics(i'm not asking to take physics as absolute truth btw, just some knowledge), look at their patent (any scientist need only to look at patent and laugh.) As a non-scientist (I'm a game designer/creative director), could you expand on this point a little? I'd personally welcome some real analysis on what they have presented, and would appreciate your opinion on what obvious flaws they have made in their patent that shows it to be illegitimate and/or a hoax.
  7. Starboy

    Irish Company Promises Free Energy Device

    Quote:Original post by Eelco Quote:Original post by DogCity Quote:Original post by Eelco sigh... Why are there on this supposedly intelligent forum always so many people willing to take this sort of stuff seriously? Why does every generation since Christ assume science has reached the limits of its understanding? Revelations about the make-up of our universe, energy systems, evolution and matter are still occurring all the time, in fact even more frequently. Surely it's far more healthy for science to welcome these claims with an open and inquiring attitude than closing down any discussion with the kind of unjustly negative response which stunted our growth in the dark ages? As I see it, these guy's are a legit company who were doing research and did stumble on a device which seems to be over-unity. They have presented nothing to back that up at the moment, but they seem to be doing all the right things to validate or invalidate the claim. What do you propose is more likely and acceptable than this explanation? you missed the point. i didnt even click the link or read anything beyond the title of this thread actually, and i know precisely how the story goes. a bit of scifi babble, writing that shows the writer never finished more than highschool physics. no single verifiable claim. how do i know? because i know how the universe really works, and conservation of energy cant be wrong? no. if this story would have had the slightest merit, i would have read about it months ago. How would you have read about it months ago when they only started talking about it publicly on Friday? The claim is in all probability false, but the day we stop taking an interest in breaking the laws of the universe that we currently believe in, is the day we stop advancing as a species. The company appears to be a real company, and they appear to have been testing this technology for 3 years now. They are now asking other scientists to test it because through 3 years of experiments, they cannot disprove that energy is being 'created'. I'll be as surprised as you if this turns out to be real, but that doesn't mean it should be dismissed without investigation.
  8. Starboy

    Terrorist on a Plane

    Quote:Original post by LessBread Quote:Original post by Starboy Quote:Original post by LessBread Quote:Original post by Starboy Seems that the suspects, or at least some of them, were genuine suicide bombers. Did all that come out of a tabloid? Depends if you call the BBC News site a 'tabloid'. Was that from the BBC? Why no link? Why no url? It's one of the main stories at - check it out.
  9. Starboy

    Terrorist on a Plane

    Quote:Original post by LessBread Quote:Original post by Starboy Seems that the suspects, or at least some of them, were genuine suicide bombers. Did all that come out of a tabloid? Depends if you call the BBC News site a 'tabloid'.
  10. Starboy

    Terrorist on a Plane

    Quote: Terror police find 'martyr tapes' Armed police Some 23 people are currently being held by police Police investigating an alleged plot to bring down airliners have found several martyrdom videos in the course of their searches, the BBC has learned. Unofficial police sources said the recordings - discovered on laptop computers - appear to have been made by some of the suspects being questioned. Scotland Yard has refused to comment on what officers are finding. Police are continuing to search woodland at High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire and 14 addresses. The Metropolitan Police, which is leading the inquiry, has said it has already completed searches of 36 business and residential sites. A total of 20 vehicles have also been searched. 'Routine' help Meanwhile, it has emerged that every police force in the UK is now involved in the investigation. The 43 forces in England and Wales, eight in Scotland and the Police Service of Northern Ireland have sent, or are sending, officers to assist. ARRESTS OVER 'BOMB PLOT' 10 August: 24 people arrested in London, High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, and Birmingham 11 August: One released by police without charge 15 August: Another person arrested in Thames Valley area 16 August: Police given extra time to question suspects; one person held in Thames Valley area released without charge 21 August: Police have until this date to question two of the suspects arrested on 10 August 23 August: Police have until this date to question 21 of the suspects arrested on 10 August Ryanair issues ultimatum Inquiry search locations Hundreds are said to be involved with further officers on patrol at airports. A spokeswoman for the Association of Chief Police Officers said: "It's routine in a big investigation that ACPO coordinates mutual aid for forces. "All forces across the UK are providing officers to help with the operation by the Metropolitan Police." The alert began on 10 August after raids in London, High Wycombe and Birmingham. A district judge has granted anti-terror officers an extra seven days to question 21 of the 23 people being held, and an extra five days to question two. Under the 2006 Terrorism Act the maximum period someone suspected of terrorist activity can be held without charge is 28 days, subject to regular court approval. It is believed up to 17 people are being held in Pakistan over the alleged plot - with two British nationals of Pakistani descent among them. Scotland Yard officers have also flown to Pakistan to liaise with the authorities there over the questioning of Rashid Rauf, the only man who has so far been named by Pakistani authorities. Seems that the suspects, or at least some of them, were genuine suicide bombers.
  11. Starboy

    concept artist salaries

    UK, probably around £20-£30K.
  12. Starboy

    What do you think about Mideast crisis

    Anyone got any stats on what the American public opinion is on the Isreali situation?
  13. Starboy

    World Cup

    COME ON ENGLAND! If we get to the semi-finals, I have a ticket for the game, would be fantastic! About the Scots, surprisingly 70% of them said they would be supporting England in a recent survey. Haven't got a linky before anyone asks...
  14. Starboy

    Buying tickets online? Ebay...

    Yes it would be, check the feedback though.
  15. Great! Here's the question directly from one of our coders: The problem we are having is in trying to decipher the mascot matrix format especially the lookat/viewmatrix. We are converting a jsr184 game to mascot. All the maths is kept abstracted in standard opengl format. This isn’t a problem when jsr184 is involved and everything works just fine. However Mascot seems to be more than just converting to fixed point. If we then set a lookat with some known values and then examine the affinetrans it produces the values seem very odd. The up and look vectors seem kind of what we expected only inverted which is fair enough however the translation seems very weird, so that when we translate objects in our scene graph by the view matrix we just get incorrect results. Hope you can ofer some advice, thanks! [Edited by - Starboy on May 11, 2006 8:51:30 AM]
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