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    Hello, I have a noob question. What is a point of using 2.5d graphic like this for example http://steamcommunity.com/games/427520/announcements/detail/818916001147049328   I have to create 3d model and then cut it to 2d or there is another option?
  2. I have stupid problem. My XML file has <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> I want to save into it characters from c++ code like ??ó???-File already has these kind of characters so it has good coding. I can write normal characters but when I tried std::string za="?a?aba"; file.insert(234,za,0,za.size()); I've got "The XML data is invalid according to the schema" error on file open   When I change  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>  to  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1250" standalone="yes"?> Characters that I write to file was correct but any special characters in file were broken. Same with ISO-8859-2   I also tried to edit XML by normal notepad and I ve got same error "The XML data is invalid according to the schema". I also tried std::string za="?a?aba"; with \u xxxx for unicode but I always got '?' in file How can I solve this?
  3. widmowyfox

    Visual Studio Compilation Problem

    Because I like it (I am probably one of three people that use this os, I used it since 2007) but later versions- win 7 and win 8 dont really change anything in programming from my view, everything I can do on vista. I will change os on win 10 for directx 12 but I'm still waiting on optimizing and patching errors. Only minus is that visual studio work only to 10 version. It is stupid I run every new game on ultra graphic options and can't install vc :/
  4. widmowyfox

    Visual Studio Compilation Problem

    I did it, hard work to find solution. No support dont mean dont work :P For anyone who have this problem this is solution. THIS ONLY WORK FOR EXPRESS NO PRO!!! 1.Download and install https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=11800 2.Add includes and libraries path to project 3.You will have errors with min function in atlimage.h   add  #define NOMINMAX change  UINT nMaxColor = min(256, (UINT)pPalette->Count); to  UINT nMaxColor = min((UINT)256, (UINT)pPalette->Count); 4.You will have errors with atldef.h change #include "..\atl30\atldef.h" to #include "..\atl71\atldef.h" 5.You will have errors with atlconv.h change #include "..\atl30\atlconv.h" to #include "..\atl71\atlconv.h" 6.Now it should compile
  5. widmowyfox

    Visual Studio Compilation Problem

    I have vs10 express, but I cant find 2010 standard on internet, later versions is not an option, I am running on vista currently, someone have download for vs10 standard or can provide missing files?
  6. I tried to compile some code and got: fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'atlimage.h': No such file or directory   I searched the whole computer and I have not this file. I checked vc files and microsoft windows sdk. Where I can download this file, is it included in another vc versions? I saw on the internet that not only I had this problem but I didn't find a solution.I think that this file should be in windows SDK. Could you check it?
  7. I was started work with physx and something caught my attention. What is the difference between binary and source SDK? Which is better? I saw that source doesn't have libs and dlls so how application can work outside the development environment? For example in directx I always keep application with dlls but source release hasn't dlls. It is basic knowledge that I do not have, and I really want to :P
  8. widmowyfox

    Directx And Physx/apex Rendering

    Thanks and yes, I have Physx in my application and I am agree- apex is far harder :P
  9. I want to implement some physics to my programs. Physx framework is quite simple and as i understand: -I create physical scene which is updated every 1/60 second -I only grab the position, rotation etc and render objects in normal (directx) way     But I totally don't understand apex framework. Ok, I have apex scene but what is all these rendering interfaces? Is apex force to render objects with this really complicated way? Why I cant just get updated vertex and indices buffer every frame and render it normally? How is this apex destruction work-Are all of destructible object pieces are stored in 1 vertex buffer? Are started vertices and indices is provided by directx or these apb fracturing files? All of my questions refer to rendering process. And yes, I study documentation whole week, still dont understand. I cant sleep because of it :(   Apex framework : http://docs.nvidia.com/gameworks/content/gameworkslibrary/physx/apexsdk/APEX_Framework/APEX_PG_Framework_Interfaces.html#buffered-api   Apex destruction module: http://docs.nvidia.com/gameworks/content/gameworkslibrary/physx/apexsdk/APEX_Destruction/Index.html
  10. widmowyfox

    directx volume terrain

    Wow, nice idea.  Maybe i dont have to recalculate all triangles but I still have to create dynamic buffer for each chunk :/   And I need to store a lot of volume data. What is the best way to increse speed? Binary files?
  11. widmowyfox

    directx volume terrain

    But this will require dynamic buffer and calculate all triangles every time even when i dont edit anything.
  12. widmowyfox

    directx volume terrain

    thanks, I understand now, one more question:   All of these is how to generate 3d grid base on volume-density data, but how can I edit this grid (videos). Is it editing base on isolevel changes?I already have grid base on height map and I only want to make it editable. 
  13. widmowyfox

    directx volume terrain

    ok now I am totally lost , thanks  :D I want to lean on http://paulbourke.net/geometry/polygonise/ There's  isosurface (it's the thing you're trying to compute so that you'll have your terrain) so what is this box and how can i get position of vertices? Is it volume of terrain?        ohhh and one more: What is isolevel and how can I get it?    I need voxel grid for that, right? Another example 
  14. widmowyfox

    directx volume terrain

    Yes and I read http://paulbourke.net/geometry/polygonise/   but I cant imagine how it exacly works :/   Any examples in directx?   Marching cube is this black cube on video, but what is isosurface?
  15. Hello, I want to make my terrain 3d- add underground caves, mining option etc.  How can I edit 2d grid? I tried with simple face moving but it doesnt expand grid of course.   I want to achive something like this  using the easiest way. Any tips?
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