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  1. Glissando

    Artist(s) Needed for Tabletop RPG Development

    What's with all these sign an NDA and don't get paid posts? Do people seriously believe this is fair treatment of others' time?
  2. I'm currently a Math Major and a self taught programmer. I could assist you if needed. My github is listed below.
  3. Wish I read this before I wrote my own parser.
  4. Glissando

    Types of Character Fighting Archetypes in RPG's

    There are more specific sub-classes depending on how deep down the rabbit hole you're willing to go. There's evasion based tanks(ninja?), I believe Final Fantasy 11 had one of those. Tanks that want to take damage(Krieg from Borderlands 2). Healers that focus on negating damage instead of healing it.
  5. Glissando

    1-1/2 years have passed

    I've been working on a rpg side project in js for the past year and a half aswell, small world.
  6. Glissando

    Do I need a Laptop or a PC?

    If you're on a budget I recommend this.   Only $500. i5 + 940m. It will run anything you throw at it.  ?  
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