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  1. DavveTheGamer

    Source Control for Indie developers?

    Yupp, thanks
  2. DavveTheGamer

    Source Control for Indie developers?

    Is what i want to achive possible with GitLab?
  3. DavveTheGamer

    Source Control for Indie developers?

    Public or private what is the difference?
  4. DavveTheGamer

    Source Control for Indie developers?

    But dont you need another kind of software as well except for github? And github is only free for 3 people i think.
  5. My team and I would need a source control solution for a developing needs. The only thing we need it for is for sharing and merging the Unreal Engine Project. Here are my requirements: -Free -Easy to use -No server needed on own computer -Should work for about 8 people. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks
  6. Project Title:Unnamed, at the moment.Description:Explore a beautiful vibrant environment and do as your mind pleases. In this world your goal is to thrive as a medieval businessman. Trade, harvest, gather and discover the vast wilderness surrounding the cities and villages you operate in.Think about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in a sense to understand the width of this game. Remove everything but the trading and gathering system. There you have our game. The main focus will stand at graphical realness and immersion. Basically the player will roam around harvesting, gathering and crafting new items and selling them, the option to turn around objects for a profit at different markets will also be possible. Further explanation will be given if you join the team.Do not think I have huge AAA expectations on this game. Functions will be limited and focus will be on graphics. I want to make a greater game but we have to confine ourselves in the beginning.Includes: Harvest resources (Metal, Crops, Wood etc) Trade products Buy properties Quests Hunger, thirst Currency Team Structure:David (me):All in all, I have experience and basic knowledge in all fields except programming. I have worked in Unity, Unreal, Blender, Photoshop & more. But only as a hobby. After a long pause from game making I am now back again.Talent Required:-3D Artist(s)-C++ Programmer(s)-Music/Sound Creator-Other useful skillsDont worry, you dont have to be a proffessional in your field, but please know what you are doing. Portfolio of previous work is required. If you are skilled in multiple fields that is a bonus.Contact:E-mail: davvethegamer@gmail.com (private mail)Are you interested in becoming part of this project? Do not hesitate to contact me.Sincerely, DavidREMEMBER THIS GAME IS AT THE IDEA STAGE AND YOU WILL BE PAID BY ROYALTY, IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH THIS PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME.
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