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    Major Developments

    Cool, thanks, I'll definetly take a look into that!
  2. After a break of around 2 years, I'll be throwing my time back into working on my various game projects I have lying around on a CD nowadays. 2 years is a long time in computer science, where in just a few months big things happen. My question is this: What major developments have occured in the last couple years that might be worth my taking a look into? I do the usual gamut of programming, ie: 3d/2d, AI, networking, etc. Hope this question isnt too broad, but I dont want to miss something which could be useful for me! ps: Is c++ still used much?
  3. Laroche

    the "d" on my keyboard

    Yeah i know, im just being lazy. I even work in a computer store so i get them practiaclly free, but i didnt feel like walking there today :( But i will, because im about to scream from frustration :)
  4. Laroche

    the "d" on my keyboard

    Yes; and ive pressed on the contact directly for no effect. Ill check again though, maybe i missed something (i hate ctrl+v)
  5. Laroche

    the "d" on my keyboard

    Alright, nothing is working, short of openning it and checking connections, sooooo ill get a new one. Thanks for the help; for some bizarre reason I was sure there was some software keeping it from working.. its really weird.
  6. Laroche

    the "d" on my keyboard

    is not functioning. I have to copy paste the letter every time I want to use it. But whats REALLY weir, is that ranomly yesterday it was working fine, then after a couple more hours... it stopped. its very annoying. What could it be? Ive popped off the button and pressed the contact directly, but with no success.. Any thoughts? Or should I get a new KB?
  7. Laroche

    Music Software, etc. --Updated--

    I wouldn't consider Cubase live at all. Its like a virtual studio. I guess you could plug-in some VSTi's and blast away live, but I'm sure there are better ways to do it. Anyway I use Cubase for processing/mastering my songs when I get the chance (my fathers cousin has a recording studio and hes pretty cool with letting me do stuff like that. plus I get to rewire reason into it, which is fun :)) What about Abelton's Live ( its a really good tool to use live, for mixing, or just about anything else you can think of. virtual dj scratching, loop-creation on the fly, etc. (hence the name).
  8. Anyone ever compose midi songs for a polyphonic midi-enabled cellphone? Its for Sony Ericksons, I believe.. I`ve also heard the terms `v200-400` mentioned a bit (I know almost NOTHING about cells). I`m curious to know what instruments sound good, and which ones sound bad. I dont have one, but im making some songs for someone who does, and who lives pretty far. Ive seen him once and have heard a bit, and noticed toms sound like crap, they come out horribly. The strings esembles were OK. Anyone know what comes out well, especially in percussion?
  9. Laroche

    Music Software, etc. --Updated--

    Excellent, Anvil Studio is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Much less complicated and annoying then this other shareware one I got, called sweet16 or some trash like that. Horrible interface, annoying, etc. Id also like to mention M-Audio as having some EXCELLENT sound card choices in the 200-300$ range. Hmm and Orkester is just a collection of samples, not a sampler. Id also maybe rename Effects/Editors to Audio Editor?
  10. Laroche

    Music Software, etc. --Updated--

    I also need a simple, freeware (preferably) midi studio which would output a midi file. Im working with Reason 2.5 (because im very comfortable with it), and after I compose a song, I make a midi file for each track in the sequencer. So I have a midi file for the bassline, 1 for the drums, the sax, etc. I dont need to record any setting or anything fancy, the songs are VERY basic. I need a program to input these midi files, maybe fix things up (simple things, like assigning patches to certain tracks) and then combining them and shooting them out again, as 1 midi file. The reason why I need to do that is to get a midi file that I can play the standard GM patches using my tracks that I can upload onto a cellphone, for a project im working on. Any ideas?
  11. Laroche

    My Music

    Hello, ive been playing guitar+bass for about 5-6 years now (and still suck), and a few months ago i "made the switch" over to sequencers+midi controllers. I use Reason 2.5 and I have a Roland-PC90 midi controller, and I would just like some opinions on some of the work I created. This stuff is NOT good for games, in my opinion, but I still wanted to share it! Just click on the link in my sig! ps: I got a contract yesterday for making music for a cellphone game! Should be fun, will post my thoughts on working in such a limited enviroment like that..
  12. Laroche

    Orchestra.. getting stale?

    Quote:Firstly, orchestral music and classical music are often radically different things, and if you think the sounds of symphonic instruments are going stale than you've been listening to crappy composers, or you don't know how to hear it and need to study more. Please, i never said the sounds were going stale, just that they are being WAY overused, IMHO. Maybe my thread title is a bit misleading, but I dont think the sounds sound bad. Far from it, they sound great! Such depth.. But there ARE other instruments to choose from. We should be "progressing" not "stagnating" (again thats maybe too harsh of a word. I mean "not experimenting").
  13. Laroche

    Orchestra.. getting stale?

    I dont understand WHY anything other then orchestrated music can't be epic in its own right. Can`t any kind of music evoke any kind of mood? Ive found myself being immeresed in all kinds of stuff I used to hate (folk/rap/electronica), and have found epic songs, sad songs, happy songs, etc. in each genre. Wouldn`t any of those kid of songs fit in well for RPG`s? Lets take an example: The civil-war era battle scene music could be something like an upbeat folk song, some bluegrass or something, to reflect the music of the era fairly well. Im not saying we should STOP making orchestra music, far from it. I just want to hear more styles of music being expressed through the gaming medium. I mean, we have computers at our disposals, with all sorts of nifty things like Soft Synths, VST Plugins, Sequencers, etc. Im sure SOMETHING other then loading string samples and flute samples into some sampler with some cheesy drumming in the back can be done. I for one am going to incorporate some dj-shadow, amon-tobin (even though im not as good as either) kind of music into my game, which is a medieval-fantasy standard action game. There will also be some hip-hop there. And folk. And detuned Latin music for dungeon scenes. There will also be some strings+brass.
  14. Ive noticed the increasing trend of everyone using orchestral music in their games, especially in rpgs. The "building strings to an epic" has been done countless times. While it sounds alright, im starting to find it overdone. Is there any possibility at all of using electronica at all in games more prominently. Some ambient tracks could really make a change in atmosphere, or some really funked-up industriel for a darker, gotich setting. Why not hip-hop beats either? Without lyrics. It would be interesting to hear some of hip-hops producers do some stuff for a game.. Why not even country/bluegrass? Some of it is really good, a good folk song could fit really well with a lot of the themes in games. Some games do diversify their style a bit, and its those games music which stick most prominently in my mind. I would love to hear different kinds of songs done using the same chrod progression/scales of another genre. Imagine some sort of song, standard celtic song, where the flute is swapped for something else, say slide guitar, or a synth of some kind, with a rhodes sound, or whatever. I mean the possibilities are endless.. Why the fixation on orchestral music? Or am i missing something, or not understand something? Any thoughts?
  15. Laroche

    Any old members still around?

    I think im old?
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