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  1. EFR3SXZ

    Is C# viable for new game developers?

      From yesterday to today was what I was wondering. I never got to complete a game, as I said am completely new in this regard. I wanted to start with the "best" framework, since the beginning, to getting used to. But I did not stop to think that is like programming. I have to learn to do, to later change the way I do ... If I choose something that i do not feel comfortable at first, may complicate me, or even discourage myself.
  2. EFR3SXZ

    Is C# viable for new game developers?

    What are those "newer things available" ?   wicked250, on 21 Jan 2016 - 7:37 PM, said: Im with you, still a way to learn. I'm not against anyone, just need to improve myself.
  3. EFR3SXZ

    Is C# viable for new game developers?

        Ok, I'll check DX lib. Thanks. :)
  4. EFR3SXZ

    Is C# viable for new game developers?

    Oh nice! I didn't know about MonoGame... I made a quick research about it and it seem pretty awesome... And damn, I was going to XNA... Hope this gonna help me! Thank you!
  5. I started learning how to make games. I plan to improve my skills with the right language.   I'm in the second year of Computer Science. Working with C # .NET.   I continue to learn C # and go for Unity or XNA or is there another language that will work best for me in the future because C # can be "outdated"? Please help.
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