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  1. Pacman18

    SDL_Mixer can't open wav

    sorry, it said "couldn't open test.wav"
  2. Pacman18

    SDL_Mixer can't open wav

    it kept saying the printf error - ( "Failed to load beat music! SDL_mixer Error: %s\n", Mix_GetError() );   I tried an mp3 instead (which required I also put smpeg2.dll in the directory) and it worked, which as I say is better for me anyway
  3. Pacman18

    SDL_Mixer can't open wav

    Nevermind, it works with mp3 which I prefer anyway
  4. hi guys,   I've been following a tutorial on playing music in C++ with sdl_mixer, the program builds fine but when run I always get the error that the music couldn't load. I have copied test.wav into the project directory, is there something I am missing? Any help is appreciated #include <iostream> #include <SDL.h> #include <SDL_mixer.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <string> Mix_Music *gMusic = NULL; Mix_Chunk *gScratch = NULL; Mix_Chunk *gHigh = NULL; Mix_Chunk *gMedium = NULL; Mix_Chunk *gLow = NULL; bool loadMedia(); int main( int argc, char *argv[] ) { loadMedia(); Mix_PlayMusic( gMusic, -1 ); int a; std::cin >> a; return 0; } bool loadMedia() { bool success = true; if( Mix_OpenAudio( 44100, MIX_DEFAULT_FORMAT, 2, 2048 ) < 0 ) { printf( "SDL_mixer could not initialize! SDL_mixer Error: %s\n", Mix_GetError() ); success = false; } gMusic = Mix_LoadMUS( "test.wav" ); if( gMusic == NULL ) { printf( "Failed to load beat music! SDL_mixer Error: %s\n", Mix_GetError() ); success = false; } }
  5. Pacman18

    C++ design advice

    wow thanks guys, I knew I must of been going about it the wrong way. I'm going to create another class to handle where the player is and review the gamestate idea.   thanks a lot, no doubt i'll be back with another question later as I re-do the code!
  6. Pacman18

    C++ design advice

    thanks a lot, no rush. I'll be grateful for any examples you may provide!
  7. Pacman18

    C++ design advice

    hi guys,   I've been learning to program for about 2 months now, with C++11 from Bjarne Stroustrup's "The C++ language" book.   I've read the section covering basic facilities, variables, containers etc. I'm now reading about the abstraction mechanisms and classes and I think I understand them, however I have trouble figuring out how best to use them to write good code. Since I'm an absolute basic beginner I have just been using console apps to practice, for classes practice I decided to try and write a text based rpg like game with a few rooms just to test. I'm realising that learning the syntax is easy but the hard part of programming is design.   I was wondering if I could get some advice on the best way to use classes to make such a game, or any game/program really so that it is easily extendable without modifying the classes too much. In my program so far I've made some classes and functions to handle a waiting prompt, the setup of a new area etc, but when I come to write the room in the main cpp file, it just seems wrong and a weird way to go about it. Any advice is appreciated, below is my code example ;   header file ; #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <vector> #include <windows.h> #define TITLE "\tTest RPG\n\t---------\n\n\n" #define PROMPT "\n> " void wait(); void setupareas(); void bunker(); void cafe(); void wait() { print("\n\n\n1. Back\n\n\n> "); char c; std::cin >> c; } class area { public: short m_seen = 0; std::string m_name; std::string m_description; std::vector<std::string> m_menu1; std::vector<std::string> m_menu2; void setname(std::string name); void setdescription(std::string description); void presetmenu(std::vector<std::string> menu); void postsetmenu(std::vector<std::string> menu); void printmenu1(); void printmenu2(); void printdescription(); } ; void area::setname(std::string name) { m_name = name; } void area::setdescription(std::string description) { m_description = description; } void area::presetmenu(std::vector<std::string> menu) { for (auto i : menu) { m_menu1.push_back(i); } } void area::postsetmenu(std::vector<std::string> menu) { for (auto i : menu) { m_menu2.push_back(i); } } void area::printmenu1() { std::cout << TITLE; print(m_name); std::cout << std::endl << std::endl; for (auto i : m_menu1) { print(i); std::cout << std::endl << std::endl; } } void area::printmenu2() { std::cout << TITLE; print(m_name); std::cout << std::endl << std::endl; for (auto i : m_menu2) { print(i); std::cout << std::endl << std::endl; } } void area::printdescription() { m_seen = 1; char wait; system("cls"); print(m_description); print("\n\n\n1. Back\n\n"); print(PROMPT); std::cin >> wait; } Then the main.cpp file where I 'setup' the rooms and run the game #include "head.h" area bunker; area cafe; using namespace std; int main(void) { setupareas(); bunker(); return 0; } void setupareas() { bunker.setname("Bunker\n_________"); bunker.setdescription("You are in the bunker"); vector<string> temp {"1.Look Around", "2. Go North", "3. Go South"}; bunker.presetmenu(temp); temp = {"1.Look Around", "2. Go North", "3. Go South", "4. Examine poster"}; bunker.postsetmenu(temp); cafe.setname("Cafe\n_________"); cafe.setdescription("You are in the cafe"); temp = {"1.Look Around", "2. Go South"}; cafe.presetmenu(temp); temp = {"1.Look Around", "2. Go South", "3. Speak with coffee lady", "4. Speak with worker"}; cafe.postsetmenu(temp); } void bunker() { bool here = true; while (here) { system("cls"); if (bunker.m_seen == 0) { bunker.printmenu1(); } else { bunker.printmenu2(); } print(PROMPT); char choice; cin >> choice; switch(choice) { case '1': bunker.printdescription(); break; case '2': cafe(); break; case '3': break; case '4': system("cls"); print("Poster"); wait(); break; } } } void cafe() { bool here = true; while (here) { system("cls"); if (cafe.m_seen == 0) { cafe.printmenu1(); } else { cafe.printmenu2(); } print(PROMPT); char choice; cin >> choice; switch(choice) { case '1': cafe.printdescription(); break; case '2': bunker(); break; case '3': system("cls"); print("lady"); wait(); break; case '4': system("cls"); print("worker"); wait(); break; } } }
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