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    [Free][Android] Mole Mission - Puzzle Game

    Thanks for your feedback!   What's the reason for using an email for each product?   It takes a little while getting used to the controls, but the physics should be consistent (if an object lies at the edge it will "roll over" and fall if there's space, which is why it crushed you). Maybe I should include some kind of tutorial to make these things clearer. 
  2.   Mole Mission is a unique puzzle game which requires a lot of thinking outside the box.    The simple goal is to lead your mole through the level to the exit door while collecting all the delicious fruit that lies around. Unfortunately, as you progress, your way will be paved with more and more obstacles and hazards of all kind. Only those who keep a clear mind and move wisely will be able to beat the entire course that consists of no less than 60 unique levels.   The levels, each with a completely different gimmick, are separated into four worlds which feature different graphics. Over the course of the game, the puzzles get more challenging while new items, tools and obstacles are constantly introduced. In order to achieve the top rating of three stars you also have to reduce the amount of moves you make before finishing the level. - GET IT FOR ANDROID ON GOOGLE PLAY -      
  3. Mr.GameDev

    LevelFX - A new way to create 2D platformers

    Here's a new timelapse video which quickly shows the level creation process with LevelFX followed by a playthrough of the created level. [media]https:[/media]
  4. LevelFX – A new way to create 2D platformers LevelFX is a game creation kit that allows you to build an entire game without any knowledge in coding required and by using only the level editor. It is based on my own platformer engine which I’m continuously improving. LevelFX combines a classic platformer gameplay with an easy-to-use level editor and modern technology allowing you to use high-res graphics and MP3 music to create everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Want to go for full-HD fancy graphics or want to stay retro-style? Want to realize your awesome game idea or want to create a fan game? It’s up to you. Let me give you some impressions: This current release is still an alpha version. I’m already excusing for any bugs that might appear in this early version. The reason I am releasing it in a rather early stage is that I want to get as much feedback from you as I can. Based on this I will further develop the thing. I want you to tell me what features you need and which are useless. This way I’m hoping to make the best out of it. So if you tried the program and you like it, or if you just want to help me improving it, I would really appreciate it if you left some feedback, ideas or anything else on my forum (http://www.mrgamedev.com/forums). Missing Features There are some features on my to-do list which are not or only partly in the current version of LevelFX. These features are planned to be implemented as soon as possible: Customizable Sprites. Sprites will be highly customizable through a myriad of properties. Besides there will be a basic scripting engine to build even more customized behavior by modifying the update routine of the sprite. Customizable Player Character. A character editor will be added in which you can control the character’s graphics and physics. There will also be options to enable or disable specific abilities like shooting. Music and SFX Support. The game will play the background music and sound effects properly. Overworld Map/Level Selection. There will be an editor to create a level selection component. You can choose if you want an overworld map or just a plain level selection menu. From Level to Game. Furthermore there will be more options in order to create a fully game instead of just a few independent levels. You will be able to control the flow of the game (e.g. what happens after a level has been finished) Installing notes Both, the editor and the engine of LevelFX are based on the .NET-Framework, which is required for running it. Otherwise just extract the ZIP archive and run LevelFXStudio.exe. By the way, in the “Graphics” folder I have included a few tilesets I’ve drawn someday. You can use them if you like. Enough talking, let’s start building levels! - DOWNLOAD - - TUTORIAL - - FEEDBACK -
  5. Mr.GameDev

    [Free][Android] Hyperbolic - 2D Action Platformer

    The original soundtrack of Hyperbolic is out now! The soundtrack features 4 upbeat, synthie, space-ish tracks, all composed by me. If you like them, be also sure to check out the full game (above).   #1 - Violet [media]https:[/media] #2 - Energize [media]https:[/media] #3 - Last Stand [media]https:[/media] #4 - Supernova [media]https:[/media]
  6. Hyperbolic is a fast-paced 2D action platformer in which you have to face a variety of short but intense levels.   - VIDEO TRAILER -   As many as 39 levels are waiting for you in four different environments. Each environment features unique graphics and an exclusive original soundtrack. In order to beat the levels you have to show quick reaction and precise movement. As the game progresses, the levels become harder and new hazards and mechanics are introduced continuously.   Beating a level is great but in order to truly beat the game you will have to achieve gold in each level. Depending on your time you are rewarded with either bronze, silver or gold medal. These medals are your ticket to the bonus levels which are required for the 100%. Hyperbolic combines the gameplay of classic Jump’n’Run games with a modern graphical style, a catchy soundtrack and smooth touchscreen controls. Hours of fun are guaranteed.   Warning: Possible occurrence of regular rage quitting. - GET IT FOR ANDROID ON GOOGLE PLAY - - DOWNLOAD THE WINDOWS VERSION -  
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