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  1. spooneystone

    Getting over game programming perfectionism

    Yep. Ive also come increasingly aware of this problem I have, as it leaves me feeling I've not achieved much at the end of the day. Then feeling nothing's gonna get finished then so on and so on.
  2. spooneystone

    Pokemon Go. Similar Ideas?

    As i seen a gang of kids today zoom past on there Bmx bikes looking for pokemon. it hit me that this type of game needs a lot of thought. its timing of release is spot on!  the summer holidays are perfect for pokemon hunting. it made me think about other games following its pattern! the more games like it the better! Every one reading this should make a reward based game for getting of your arse and doing it. instead of enduring a lame ass ad to get rewards that know body pays any attention to. get people moving out of there pit and getting what they want. believe me they will remember it more.
  3. spooneystone

    I Feel Really Stupid Now ...

    Sort of thing i would do cos kids are bothering me all the time and i cant think straight.
  4.   Play my new mini game "Gary and his door"  on WebGL platform(made with unity).
  5. Just make something very simple so you can get the through all the processes of making and releasing a game. A little tip is that if you have a bigger project in mind still work on it . But inbetween do smaller games.
  6. spooneystone

    [Unity] Rotating a 3D character in 2D space

    Can't you take the scale x and if it's set as 1 change it to -1. I believe that will give the character a flip from looking left to right. Give it a go.
  7. spooneystone

    Spectrum vega plus

    Where did you order it from?
  8. spooneystone

    Spectrum vega plus

    Just wondering what your thoughts are on the spectrum vega plus that's coming out this year? I can't wait for it.
  9. spooneystone

    Game jolt bad box art jam

    Cool man how can I follow your activity?
  10. spooneystone

    Game jolt bad box art jam

    What work do you do now ?
  11. spooneystone

    Game jolt bad box art jam

    I can't wait for that spectrum vega plus so I can play them all again
  12. spooneystone

    Game jolt bad box art jam

    Yep loved them!!!!!
  13. spooneystone

    Game jolt bad box art jam

    Oh my god I loved jet set willy as a kid !!!! We loved it. That probably the only Game on the list I actually played!!!
  14. spooneystone

    Game jolt bad box art jam

    You gotta tell me witch one it was!!!
  15. spooneystone

    2d platformer shooter   Link to my game Alien Renegade!! Enjoy!!
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