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    Create a 3D object from 2 images

    braindigitalis     Hello if eh seen that before but my issue is partly mean that, I have a picture in which there is a circle assuming programmatically longer recognize the shape of the circle in the picture as I do to generate a 3D shape that was rescued image not if I leave understanding   Hola si eh visto eso antes pero mi tema en parte se refiero a eso, tengo una foto en la cual hay un circulo suponiendo que mediante programación ya reconozco la forma del circulo en la imagen como hago para generar un 3d de la forma que se rescato de la imagen no se si me dejo entender
  2. Greetings donot have a problem of where to start from some things and investigate the issue, but the problem is my difficulty nose como start of by saying I have an image that is displayed as a square can generate a 3D maya with the way It is in the image.   Saludos tengo un problema nose de donde partir para comenzar e investigo algunas cosas del tema pero el problema esta en nose como iniciar mi dificultad parte de  por decir tengo una imagen en la que se visualiza un cuadrado como puedo generar una maya 3d con la forma que se encuentra en la imagen
  3.   Greetings to all who want to know if it is possible to create a 3D object from a front and back image of a polo say by this code and to take WebGL .     as there are people who speak Spanish left written down here above.   como se que hay personas que hablan español dejo aca abajo escrito lo anterior.     Saludos con todos lo que desea saber si es posible crear un objeto 3d a partir de una imagen front y back por decir de un polo mediante código y esto poder llevarlo a webgl.  
  4. Papaoso

    Multi UV in WebGl

    hola frob Have a simple example you can give me ? to better understand how grateful you
  5.   Hello everyone I have a problem eh been testing also investigating. when you export a model 3d max object obj and that opens a notepad I can see the structure contains . I wonder what really apart of the extension which has the 3D object if it can contain different uv and one can call with code you want to uv texture rightful applies. appreciate the support and guidance they can give me to continue
  6. Papaoso

    Multi UV in WebGl

    HappyCoder    Thanks for the prompt response and very concrete . further what you mean to tie another tribute to his shader consultation. Moreover others support multiple formats uv?
  7. Papaoso

    Multi UV in WebGl

    glad this is my first post ,   I have a big problem to please someone can enlighten me and guide my way. you can load a 3D object obj either fbx dae etc that can unite various uv to load WebGL and through code can change each uv?   excuse my little English
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