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  1. pumpkinChan

    Advice Wanted - Bad luck or just me?

    Thank you again Tom, now I understand. I always write my files with my name (when sending to someone) that way. I never realized it would be the same in the mail subjects because I always used my name in my mail and well... it appears next to the subject. But yeah, totally understand that now!
  2. pumpkinChan

    Advice Wanted - Bad luck or just me?

    Don't shoot me for my ignorance now but... I read that a subject like "Internship Application", "2d Artist Internship", "Job Application" and so on are not good subjects and I wonder why. I think that the subject should be as "raw" and straight to the point as it can. So, I can't really understand why its not that recommended to write subjects like these. What would be a good subject then? Some companies even ask for the applicant to use the name of the position as subject. I wonder whats the best.
  3. pumpkinChan

    Advice Wanted - Bad luck or just me?

    I have been doing nothing but research, really And I have been reading a lot of topics on this forum also! Its opening my eyes at some subjects...   I have family in Germany near Munich, but its an avoidable place for me (if I can have another place to go...) since its so expensive. And I have been looking at sites like glassdoor.com that gives more information like employee feedback on the company.   I am focused on Arts... and yesterday I was lucky to have a conversation with a designer currently living in UK (foreign as well). She told me its freaking difficult to have a internship in arts/design and/or get a job in that field out there. She is a senior designer and was forced to change career. I got a bit disappointed but I am not giving up   Today I will continue with my "mailing service"   and I will be careful with my cover letter, I will add more info on the company. Its a bit hard to mix what they are searching for because they are not searching for interns (mostly), but I can try to see what companies want from a game artist.   By the way... about internships payments, in my country its against rules to pay for a intern... In Germany my cousin is being paid 1200€. Not bad actually  
  4. pumpkinChan

    Advice Wanted - Bad luck or just me?

    2. THAT is definitely a mistake. Ok, so I definitely should write a cover letter that includes info about the company which I am applying, right? Stuff about how inspired I am about their work and other things related to them. I am reading now some texts on Sloperama.com, its helpful, thanks a lot for your help. I am really making efforts to be better and do the right thing to do! So every advice will be taken in consideration! Again, about the "foreign" issue and location... I have already tried all companies in the country where I am doing my erasmus. No luck, few countries and most of them are made of little teams that are not accepting anymore staff members/interns. My mentor asked me to search outside that country, that's why I am insisting on Germany (it's close...) and UK for a better future... If I have to do it and if it have to be outside this country, then I am aiming for what might give me the best background, apprenticeship and offers...   But It's so hard and yeah everything on "Location, location, location" makes sense, of course... But right now I don't have much options   I hope lady luck smiles at me soon   Until then I will try to find more time to make more projects on my own!
  5. pumpkinChan

    Advice Wanted - Bad luck or just me?

    I am applying for Germany and United Kingdom mostly... but I am not asking for relocation packages! And I am able to go and work there without a single problem, as I said it on my cover letter I am not from USA. About the salary, 800€-1000€ /month, not US$ but EUR€. I have checked on Germany and asked a couple of friends and family there and it is a fair amount of money for internship. But I only know that for Germany, I have no idea on UK. I've been applying at around 40companies per day and I am not re-applying I am sure   I've created a Excel file to take note on which company I've applied, if I had answer and website... but yes, I am not checking each company properly... I am sending the same cover letter with few changes... I am on Erasmus+ currently, and my mentor told me to apply for internship. It is not the only option (I can do a project myself) but it is the better option and he is really putting me into pressure to find a company... I know he is pushing myself in order to have a good future but still... I am getting frustrated... Thanks for the link, I will read the FAQs carefully.
  6. Hello everyone. So, I know there are 2 topics on this subject (at least), however I didn't wanted to revive old topics and there is some differences. I really need some advice because at this point I don't know if I am doing anything wrong or not! I will give some background story for you to see if there is anything dragging me down or what... So I am about to finish my bachelor studies, I am 27 years (I went late to university because I had to work a couple of years to pay for it...). I am focused on design/art and I have done some projects on my own (games). Since I need to apply for internship to finish my studies, for the last month I have been sending mails for companies listed on http://gamedevmap.com/ at a rate of 40 per day and until now, no luck. I am sending mostly for Germany and UK because I think its the best places for game industry inside Europe (my internship must be done in Europe only). I don't know if I am doing something wrong... I am sending links for my games as well as CV, cover letter and other links like Behance and LinkedIn.   Besides this, I have some questions:   1. When a company asks for your desired salary, whats the best or avoidable answer? I only care to pay for my basic living costs because I am undergraduate after all, so I said around 800-1000€.   2. I've read that it is good to embrace network I mean, send messages to people inside companies asking for advice or if by any chance we can offer our "work" to their company and be part of the team but... would it be weird to do this?   3. Is it true that being a foreign to UK is a big obstacle to find a position at their companies? Or Germany... I've found more companies from Germany that were offering relocation packages and seemed pretty generous for foreign people.    4. Stating all of this, Is there any region for me to avoid? Places or companies that might mark my cv in a bad way?    5. Does age really matters? Weird question but it does bothers me somehow. Isn't it odd for companies for someone with 27years to be looking for a internship position instead of a regular job position? Because I seriously have no experience at all in this field.   6. Last question... I am seriously starting to think if it is me or just bad luck and a matter of trying and trying so... Should I just focus on trying or am I doing something wrong?   Thank you all in advance! And sorry for the long post!   edit: so sorry for the incorrect counting, yes I was editing some of them and forgot about changing numbers *facepalm* edited also to attach my cv and cover letter... But I did change many times the cover letter depending on which company I was applying... So...
  7. pumpkinChan

    Did You Break in at an Older Age?

    I went to university late then my high-school colleagues... I had to work hard to save up for university as my parents weren't able to afford it for me. So here I am, 27years old finishing bachelor... I am over conscious about me (skills, mostly) and I am too afraid to be put behind when it comes to select candidates for a position in a company... I have applied for so many companies and until now nothing... Also, I think I am hunting the most difficult positions to get > design/art section... Since I heard its like 1 design for every 30 programmers in a company xD So its harder to find a job... I hope I'm not right... and I hope my age won't be a problem U.U wish me luck!
  8. pumpkinChan

    Question about education

    I am still a student and untill now no luck on finding a position at game industry companies, however... I think that the work that you do on your own might be even more important than if you have or not a degree specific for game development. Am I right? I think I am... at least for some countries they do consider work done above degree category. Feels that way...
  9. pumpkinChan

    I need advice about Internships

    Precisely my problem... I have followed gamedevmap and even wikipedia to search for game companies (even prepared a list on excel for company names, contact and if already sent/received message). I am applying for internships all over Europe and no luck untill now... Every company is like "thank you, we will contact you soon" or just "thank you but no" Those auto-mails with "no" responses sometimes are like machine-guns shooting through my inbox right into my confidence.   Sometimes I am like "what am I doing wrong???" Also, is it coincidence or Germany is more "foreign-friendly"? I find more companies offering relocation packages than UK companies... I am more focused into UK or Germany. But UK seems harder... even thinking about renting apartments and cost of life...   Is it really a matter of just trying and trying or does it really matters if you are a foreign? I am kinda loosing all my confidence... I know it ain't easy for anyone but I am too self-conscious about my own skills... no matter how many times people say "you are good!", I keep on crashing into other people works (deviantart, behance etc) and I get a little frustrated...
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