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  1. Saruman

    Scatter / Gather for server read

    Thanks for the input! Those were basically my findings, but I wasn't sure if I was missing something. In a perfect world I'd have fixed sized packets using scatter / gather with RIO
  2. I just have a quick question as I've looked around but really haven't gotten a credible answer on the topic. I have a server using TCP sockets and IOCP sending a custom binary protocol / flatbuffers. I just switched to using a scatter/gather approach for writing in order to avoid the memory copies into a large send buffer, as this way I can just burn direct from the packet queue. It worked out great, and I'm happy with the improvement as it's a noticeable gain with a large amount of clients / traffic. What I'm wondering is if people are using scatter / gather on server reads? And if so what are the benefits to doing so? It was very easy to see the benefit for writes, but I'm not really sure what I would actually gain on read. I figured since I'm making changes at this level it might be wise to do so now if there is a benefit that I'm not seeing. EDIT: Also I guess I should mention that incoming packets are variable length, otherwise that would be an easy to see win
  3. Saruman

    First prototype for Tank Tactics game

    oooh very cool I'll definitely be watching this :)
  4. Saruman

    The IGF reviews are here.

    Wow same comment as Aardvajk... this was the first time seeing your journal so I went looking for the trailer video and it looks like a great idea. Best of luck and I hope you can work on what you have and really nail it!
  5. Saruman

    What Are You Working On

    I'm currently working on a turn-based tactics RPG named Empyrios: Prophecy of Flame.   Written in C with GL/GLES render systems, and using a few libs such as Rampant Pixels foundation and Sean Barrett's stb_image           More info and screens on my company site or @Creoterra and @JoeCreoterra  
  6. Saruman

    This place used to be so fun...

  7. Yes DirectInput is actually deprecated as it really was just another layer sitting on top of RawInput, so you would definitely not want to go that way.
  8. Single player games, and most other multiplayer games, are quite deterministic in regards to how many entities can be in your area of interest and needing physics stepped, while on the other hand when you are looking at an MMO type game it is generally non deterministic as to how many actors can be in your area of interest... maybe 1, maybe 5, maybe 50, maybe 100.    So even though the cloth simulation would be run on the client side as purely cosmetic, you now have to account for how many instances are you going to run/step and if you are outside of that what are you going to do? If you only process cloth physics for N of the closest and replace the others with some type of static mesh or anim how is that going to look? Also what is the transition going to look like if the N closest are constantly changing (i.e. a large group meeting) and you have to swap between cloth physics and whatever your stand-in technique is... or are you just going to grind out processing of all entities regardless of the milliseconds needed? So it won't always be a technical decision either as it may technically work properly but on the flip side it could look really bad and/or hamper performance/frame rate therefore the game is better off without it.   Regarding physics that actually matter to gameplay that is really a separate topic in comparison to "fluff" physics.
  9. Saruman

    I'm A Programmer, Not An Artist

    You mentioned that you are using Unity, you should check out the asset store as there is actually a ton of free content that you could use to start building out your game.
  10. Saruman

    Empyrios: Prophecy of Flame

    Empyrios is an upcoming tactical strategy RPG set in a fantasy world that we have lovingly crafted. Check out more on the game at
  11. Saruman

    Close to the finish line...

    Just signed up, can hardly wait to try it out it looks like exactly my kind of game!
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