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  1. Hi folks. I`d like to know your opinion about the best current shooter for Android. I would like to know your reasons as well if you please. Thanks
  2. Julerdo

    [GAME]Modern Strike - Mobile Training

    Available at AMAZON https://www.amazon.com/Cubic-Games-Modern-Strike-training/dp/B01LVTY6UR/ref=sr_1_5?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1475433389&sr=1-5&keywords=Modern+Strike
  3. Hi community!   Allow me to make a short introduction to our new game Modern Strike - Mobile Training. Join the military world of guns and shooting.   Become a hero of the elite military special force of the US army in the new action game - Modern Strike - Mobile training! Participate in the most modern training military course.   Features: Shoot all the  moving targets. Destroy all the flying bombs. If you don`t, they`ll take a part of your life by exploding. Do not miss any of the target and you`ll get more money and the next weapon You can buy modern weapons in the Gun Shop. The new weapon will help you to reach better results in shooting Difficulty level is to be chosen. Don`t forget about reload mode. Your mobile device will be your personal military trainer with new game "Modern Strike - Mobile training".   Get it on GooglePlay   GamePlay Video   Screenshots         Enjoy it!      
  4. Hello community!   Let me introduce to you the game Smash The Target - Hit Game. Visit a park of attractions! Dive in the atmosphere of summer fun. Have fun and break all the targets appearing in your field of view. Game features *   Great 3D environment! *   Friendly Game play mode *   Realism of the targets, dynamic shadows *   Compatible with all tablets and mobile devices.   Get it on Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lemonfresh.smashthetargethitgame   Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Lemon-Fresh-Studio-1582869035368558/ and Twitter https://twitter.com/LemonFreshStud    
  5. Hello community!   I`d like to share info about the game THE TWO GUNS. Explore harsh and dangerous fun of the Wild West. Shooting and guns - is the best fun for the real cowboys. Your six-round heavy gun is ready now to smash into smithereens all the targets that you will fall under the arm. Shoot, crash the target, develop your skills in precision throwing knives in the atmosphere of the great prairie landscapes of the Wild West `cause showdown may happen around here. Acquire your shoot skills of dexterity and accuracy. This will help you to earn more gold coins and defeat your rivals from a gang out of prairie. Compare your high scores with your friends, as well as with cowboys from all over the world via leaderboards.     Throwing knife at a target with a real human (especially such a beautiful representative of the Wild West) requires extremely high control of your skills. Remember - with every level your target wheel spins faster and faster, and the number of knives for throwing - increases. Blood should not be spilled. Draw a line across the screen to the desired point and when you're confident in the shot, take off your finger. You didn`t hurt that cowgirl, did you? Good for you!       Get us on Google Play   Game Play Video   Follow us on Facebook   Enjoy the game as we do!    
  6. Julerdo

    [GAME][FREE] Tin Shot 2

  7. Julerdo

    [GAME][FREE]Burger Street - Cooking Game!

    Available at AMAZON
  8. Julerdo

    [GAME][FREE] Tin Shot 2

    Hello community!     I would like to present the game TinShot2. This game sends me in a time when we are 7-10 years old guys played the same game in the street. We needed a brick wall of an abandoned house or old wooden barn, because of  the stones that we threw into the cans, couldn`t not fly away and we wouldn't have spent much time to collect. Yes, when you are 7 years old boy, you do not really think  that you stone can smash a window in a neighbor's house. We played a lot, we competed with boys from neighbouring streets. It was funny and we were good. TinShot 2 gives you such possibility. Throw the balls and knock down all the cans with every single shot.   Product Features Improved graphics and design; Dozens of new audio tracks and effects; New 3D visual effects including fluid shadows, exterior shading, dynamic lighting and reflection; 45+13 new challenging new levels! 3 balls with different weight! Three mini-games: Tin Shot 2, Tin Shot mini and Crush Boards GooglePlay Link   Amazon link   Game Video   Screenshots
  9. Julerdo


    Hello developer!   You know, this game is quite good. I like design and music. But I want us to create something unique. Good luck to you.
  10. Hello community!   Here is a short introduction to the game. Give it a try and see how many cans you can smash. Do not stop yourself and you`ll see thousands of shards of magic cans. Frankenstein`s heads are waiting to be hit.   FEATURES: It's absolutely FREE game! Amazing 3D environment! 30 addictive Frankenstein`s tins combinations. Great HD graphics and intuitive game-play. Compare your high score and skills with your friends .   The game is available at Amazon   Game video is here   Screenshots    
  11. Hello community!   Here is a little introduction to the new game “Burger street - cooking game”. Now you are working at the burger restaurant. You are the chef. So you prepare the best burgers. Many clients are waiting for meal. You must be very fast to serve as more clients as you can. The more clients are being served the more money you  earn. The following ingredients as bread, beef, lettuce, tomato ketchup, cheese help you to reach your main aim preparing the best hamburgers ever made. Soda und delicious muffins are here. Control your time. The more burgers the more money. Playing three mini-games  may distract you from the routine. SPEED CAKE Tap the cake as fast as you can. ?ompete with your friends! You'll be able to compare your reaction time with that of your online friends. QUICK TAP Tap the objects to collect the complete Burger. Collect all the burgers on the screen to move to the next stage. The main task is to collect the maximum number of points per game CHOOSE DRINK Tap the drink and choose the one type for all the items   Have a nice working day!   Get us on GooglePlay   SCREENSHOTS   Game Video
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