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    Beginner asking for advice

    Thank you for the valuable insight everyone   I am leaning towards Unity which seems to involve coding but also has some user-friendliness and perhaps later in the future I will work just with a simpler code-only API. I have already installed Construct 2 and saw how it works - it is very easy indeed but I want to see how coding all these logical events it has in its event editor is. I won't part with it just yet though. Perhaps I will download GMS to check it out too, but I am hesitant to invest in a pseudo-language or a lesser used language - so Unity with C# seems like a good choice that may also come in handy in my field.   Since I don't want to work with anyone for the time being - what about the difficulties in the art compartment? In general how difficult/time consuming would you say it is to draw 16bit sprites (that seems like lot of colors )? I wanted to make something of SNES, not NES quality.
  2. Mystic_Quest

    Beginner asking for advice

      I AM willing to do that, but truth be told I am looking for lazier options right now - e.g. game editors (like Game maker studio, construct 2 etc). The reason is that I actually want to have a taste of developing to know if I want to delve into real developing, if you want to know what I mean. But from what I've been seeing, even with tools such as these, it is possible to create a decent game to publish, right?   Specifically, GMS doesn't seem to have my "must-have" feature, which is top-down custom free movement - from what I read it has 8 directional tile movement (and it didn't even have diagonal movement until recently). Scratch that - it does - I was confusing it with RPG maker. Right now I am looking into Construct 2 which seems to support custom movement and seems to have everything a zelda clone needs. But I am not convinced, mainly because of the lack of similar games made with Construct 2. I downloaded it, used it a little and it seems very easy to use. I would greatly appreciate feedback on Construct 2.   A friend of mine strongly suggests starting with Unity (C#) on the other hand.       PS: I imagine real devs may see GMS or Construct 2 as "gimmicks" and with good reason. But between these two - and then vs Unity - which would you suggest? 
  3. Mystic_Quest

    Beginner asking for advice

    Forgive me for not being clear about that - I must have free movement in a top-down game. Besides any educational projects I may start, I still want my first "real" project to be a zelda clone.   When you say game design/architecture, what exactly do you mean? I hope though that I get something from it indeed, even if I have to switch engines. Will I though with a pseudo-language like GML of game maker and then switching to C# -  do they have similarities?   Will definitely check Flash - how easy/difficult would you say that is it for a beginner? Will check Multimedia Fusion as well hand't heard of it. Do you know anything about Construct 2? From what I read, it left me some with good impressions.   Nope, thanks for the reply, every little bit can provide some insight which I can use since I am rather clueless in this matter :)
  4. Mystic_Quest

    Beginner asking for advice

      that will call for research.   start with a must have feature list.   for each feature, learn how its done, then determine if the engines you're considering can do that.   so you'll sort of need to learn how to do each major feature before you can even select an engine capable of it.   the other route is to pick people's brains. post your feature list here and ask what engines can do it. but there's no guarantee that the best choice will be something known about by someone here who happens to see your question. OTOH, you WILL get a lot of good suggestions. so maybe a little asking around plus some research.     Hmm the only must-have feature for now that (to my knowledge) can be restricted by different engines is the zelda-like movement as described in the link. 8 directional but it doesn't feel you move on tiles at all. In other words completely free (or the illusion of it) movement. Some other snes rpgs like Terranigma or Illusion of Gaia also had this kind of movement - although their's probably worked differently than zelda. A similar combat system would be very important as well.   Also each engine probably(?) handles random object placement/terrain generation differently, but even in 2d that's probably too advanced and messy to consider for now (if anyone has worked on something similar though feel free to chime in).
  5. Mystic_Quest

    Beginner asking for advice

    Thanks for the reply.   I have read a little about Game maker and also thought they were somewhat limited - for example I don't think I can achieve this kind of character movement with them. Hadn't considered flash until now. Will check that out too.    Maybe it would be a good idea to start with a simple shmup. I was just thinking that perhaps I might be able to start making a bare-bones zelda and then slowly enhance it so that I don't lose time making something different.   My greatest fear of all though, is learning to use an engine/language only to find out midway, that a feature I want the game to have, is beyond its capabilities. :O 
  6. Mystic_Quest

    Beginner asking for advice

    Hello! For a brief introduction, I am finishing uni (IT related) and want to start developing as a hobby - and perhaps, maybe, if it comes to it, make it something more in the future. When it comes to languages, I am rather clueless (only a little C++ and java) for the time being. Art-wise I am even more clueless.   For a first project, I would like to try to make a zelda-clone game. Basically a 2d, zelda-like custom "free" movement, top-down action-rpg for windows/steam ("must haves"). Also, don't know if this is relevant with engine capabilities but I want to have many instances of rng in it.  From rng placed objects/items/maps to terrain. And perhaps with online co-op possibility. Naturally I don't hope to use all these things at first, but it would be nice to start learning an engine that has the capabilities I need. I want to start with a relatively easy tool so I won't get burned out.   I want some help at choosing an engine. From what I have seen, my best candidates so far seem to be Construct 2 and Unity. I am leaning towards construct because it seems much easier to use, than having to learn C# for Unity.    Any random advice or thoughts on an engine appreciated.
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