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    Some reviews for your game!

    Hi Kapitoshka, As a Student Game Developer, I am always looking for new ways to improve my game and to recieve feedback from players. Would you be interested in reviewing a free android game? It's called Leapy Frog and available on the Google Play Store (Link to page). Here is a brief description; Let me know how you feel, Kylan Haffie
  2. Hi, With the recent announcement that the Nintendo Switch will support GameMaker Studio 2 later this year, I am looking for a small team to help create a game. There is no game concept or plan at the moment, I am hoping on building this together. I am a University Student building a portfolio, which you can check out here. I am looking for the following roles: Designer 2D Artist Sound Designer/Composer Just leave a comment or send me a message if you are interested!
  3. Kylan Haffie

    Do indie game designers play their own game?

    Only through the eyes of a player. After the game is played through to check for technical issues, the game designer may play their game to imagine what the player feels and sees. They may treat this as a learning experience and use this as a continuous improvement cycle.
  4. Kylan Haffie

    Scripting Designing interesting Quests

    A few ideas could be: Travel to location X Interact with X Do not get noticed by X, but defeat Y and travel to Z Quests are in an interesting part of Game Design. Whilst there is a variety of different styles of game play, they typically fall into several categories. Arguably, the best quest design incorporate the mechanics of the game and have several layers of depth. For an example, let's look at Pokemon. The main quest is to catch defeat the Pokemon league, which is the primary goal. The secondary goal which is completed on the way is to collect every Pokemon and train them. To do this the player must take advantage of their knowledge of the game's mechanics and exploit them in such a way to progress their journey. This quest subsequently journeys the player through a story. There is no real answer to the best quest design, and to generate them whilst keeping them interesting would be difficult. I can however advise that to keep them refreshing is to incorporate the game's mechanics and keep side quests randomly generated, but the main story predetermined.
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