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    [Free][Game]Flight Thriller - Endless Flyer

    Update out today! Changed over to Unity 5 and Google Play Game Services, game runs better and has new achievements so be sure to check it out. What's New 1.1.3 Update: -Added Google Play Game Services -New achievements -New leaderboard -Upgraded to Unity5 -Added ad remover -Overall game speed increased -Speed and game difficulty balancing -Increased platinum coin drop rate
  2. berggames

    [Free][Game]Flight Thriller - Endless Flyer

    New Updates on Google Play today!   1.1.1 Update -UI Updates -Leaderboard Updates -Optimization
  3. berggames

    [Free][Game]Flight Thriller - Endless Flyer

    New Updates uploaded to Google Play today.   1.1.0 Update -UI Updates -Added Global Leaderboard -Added new obstacles -Balanced levels -Bug fixes
  4.  Hey All, I just released my new Android game, Flight Thriller. This is single player endless flyer with increasing difficulty as you progress. This can be a true challenge at times especially in late levels.    Flight Thriller - Your mission is to get thru one of the deadliest routes a professional pilot can take. Make sure to have the right moves to fly the safest way so you can get the highest payout! Navigate thru obstacles to collect as many Gold coins as possible. Your flying skills will be tested as you dive into a progressively harder level. Look out for rare Platinum coins to boost your score. Download Free Today!   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ContractThriller.pberg
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