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    Creating A Mobile Vpet?

    Thank you for replying! Is Bluestacks an APK? If it is, is there a better one you think would be better to use?       1: I believe the bluestacks youre refering to is an android emulator for non mobile platforms. Not what you'd use to develop the game but can be used to test your project if using your own phone is a problem.   2: ADK is the Android Development Kit, when you download and install unity, itll have an option for all the platforms you wish to develop for, simply selecting android with download the sdk for you.   I consider myself a noob when it comes to engines (other than my own). But having used Unity for just a week now, I wonder why I never tried it out the moment it became free. I've only ever tried to dabble in mobile development a few times in the past and Java (I know a more forgiving language compared to C++) was the barrier for me. But Unity is darn near a point and click game maker and being able to use C# (a vastly simpler form of it too) has made things so easy for me. I too found learning C# cumbersome with no real reason to do so other than learning for the sake of learning. But in a scripting enviroment it's almost exactly like C++ with just a few differences.   /* end rant */   I would suggest you just go ahead and download and try out unity for yourself.       I've also been slacking learning C#. For me I just feel like I don't have the drive. I know Unity is a great engine, however I find that C# is useless (even though I know it's not) compared to something like C++. But I feel like If I have a goal it might work out.   Thank you for that reply!
  2. Neceal

    Creating A Mobile Vpet?

    Thank you for replying! Is Bluestacks an APK? If it is, is there a better one you think would be better to use?
  3. Hello everyone!   So for the past couple of days I've been really wanting to start to create a Vpet for mobile devices. More to be like Digimon Vpets but of course not a complete clone. I've searched around the web however I can't find any information on my question. My question is what do I use in order to create one? Should I use Unity or Unreal or even something else? Of course I'm a beginner so I'm not very good at any engine but I have a bit of programming experience in C++ and C# and a very small amount in Java. I wouldn't mind learning another language at all.   So does anyone have any advice on what "engine" to use in order to make a mobile Vpet similar to Digimon?
  4. I've read about 5 of your lessons in the past 20 minutes and I have to say that they're very well thought out. Lesson 7 doesn't really help me make a decision but it did help me see all the types of jobs in the video game industry. Thank you for posting your lessons they're helping me which is very surprising!
  5. Oh jeez I didn't even notice that topic existed.. I apologize and thank you very much!
  6. Hello!   I'm absolutely new to this website and I was amazed that there was actually a forum for game devs. So I made an account and read all the rules and what not and I really need some advice despite all the reading I did.. Firstly I want to warn you that I don't get to my point as early as I should. Also that it's a very long post for a question. So if you're more comfortable skimming through my post than go ahead! All I ask is only post if you're not going to criticize me or scold me for making a post where I give some background information. Anyway, please read on! It may seem childish but I'm 18 years old and I have been in a dark hole for 3 years in search for a light. That light is a passion to create a career. Something I can wake up in the morning and be excited to do throughout the day. Of course, no job is always fun and can be a huge chore but that's another topic. Anyway, I post to ask for some advice. See I've never had a passion so I don't have much programming besides taking a course in high school using Visual Basic.Net and drawing is not an option. My drawings are probably worse than a 2 year olds. However being as I actually found something I want to do with my life I now just have more questions.. I want to work with VR. It could be by making animations or something through VR but games are more my thing. I eventually want to create a huge game on VR but again, that's another topic and a whole other level of needing a ton of funding. However since I don't have a job and no one of the 15+ jobs I've applied to In my city are getting back to me I won't have any money anytime soon.. With that in mind I thought "Why not start 'small' by making mobile games"? If I absolutely had to choose between which OS I had to choose it would be android though. I'm hopefully soon going to attempt to make a game for mobile devices to start my road to VR and game making in general. So now that I have a 'goal' I need some advice. Or perhaps guidance? My interests in making games would be: - Level Design - AI Programming - Programming - Music/Sound Engineer Knowing some background of myself what do you think would be a better option for me? Also forgetting the fact that you know anything me, can anyone give me information on exactly what those jobs are in charge of doing? Yes, yes I know they're very self explanatory but I would love some more information about them. Thank you for reading and I sincerely to apologize for such a long post for simple questions. Please don't throw your mice and keyboards at me! ?
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