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  1. 2d platformer level design.

    Thank you for your answer it was very informative
  2. Bombing of Brussels airport

    Mehh..i live in a region where those threats aren't prevalent. 
  3. 2d platformer level design.

    I'm creating a 2d game myself and it's going alrite but the art man smh. My art looks plain and flat colored. How would i get that shiny sprite looking color effect???
  4. Two or more monitors

    There's a logical resolution setting in the Display section of OSX's settings.   Oh boy thanx. I just use the darn thing to compile ios apps and play retro games and type angry rants
  5. How terrible is my art

    UHHH its...ok??
  6. What happened to Need for Speed

    It crashed 
  7. Starting a Game Jam

    Better to do an online jam bro. Imagine living in a country like mine where the only hyped up tech is Facebook 
  8. International Learning/producing team

    Hi friend
  9. New Studio Name, Thoughts?

    Good Bishop LOL!!!!!! alright how about uhhh Unknown Studio?
  10. Gamedev Barbie

    Sooo is there a Facebook barbie??
  11. Two or more monitors

    I honestly just have a decent sized monitor and view other things such as api's and tutorials on my 11" macbook air. Anyone know where i can buy a monocle? Cuz squinting with one eye on that screen is murder .
  12. Best way to get your website "out there"

    Advertise the hell out of it i say. Your on Facebook?, link your site to it. G+?, do tha same. Random forums? Include it in your signature.
  13. Potential break-down and new low US-UK relationship on the horizon?

    Its true never follow those stupid popularity polls. They had good numbers on a guy that was pretty set on becoming the youngest prime minister of my country. The result??  Guy lost badly.
  14. Idea for a Whack-A-Mole RPG. Need your thoughts on it.

    How about you make a whack a mole game but instead of moles you use douchebag celebrities  . I don't know about anyone else but i'd sure like to slap the hell out of  kanye west.