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  1. Problems with starting out on linux

    You might wanna try the Godot Engine, if your current options fail.
  2. I think experience trumps the degree especially if the projects that you release are a bit successful. That's my opinion tho.
  3. Art Program

    Nice , i also have krita and mypaint installed in case medibang goes bad. It's a cool program but one of the main turn offs for me is that it has no option to select multiple layers.
  4. Art Program

    Just wanted to get the opinion from fellow game developers on what their favorite art program for creating 2D assets is. Mine would be Medibang Paint Pro.
  5. 2d platformer level design.

    Thank you for your answer it was very informative
  6. Bombing of Brussels airport

    Mehh..i live in a region where those threats aren't prevalent. 
  7. 2d platformer level design.

    I'm creating a 2d game myself and it's going alrite but the art man smh. My art looks plain and flat colored. How would i get that shiny sprite looking color effect???
  8. Two or more monitors

    There's a logical resolution setting in the Display section of OSX's settings.   Oh boy thanx. I just use the darn thing to compile ios apps and play retro games and type angry rants
  9. How terrible is my art

    UHHH its...ok??
  10. What happened to Need for Speed

    It crashed 
  11. Starting a Game Jam

    Better to do an online jam bro. Imagine living in a country like mine where the only hyped up tech is Facebook 
  12. International Learning/producing team

    Hi friend
  13. New Studio Name, Thoughts?

    Good Bishop LOL!!!!!! alright how about uhhh Unknown Studio?
  14. Gamedev Barbie

    Sooo is there a Facebook barbie??
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