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  1. Developer Dre Reid

    Do you still play video games?

    Yes I do, I try to balance my time doing a lot of things so my playing time isn't as hard-core as when I was a teen.
  2. Developer Dre Reid

    As a game dev, what are you most afraid of?

    I guess it would be pirates and not making enough money.
  3. Developer Dre Reid

    Should I share my ideas?

    I love the advice that I'm getting here, thanks guys for your input it means a lot to a newbie like myself.
  4. Developer Dre Reid

    Should I share my ideas?

    I think I will only share enough information so the audience can get a brief overview of what I'm working on.
  5. Developer Dre Reid

    Should I share my ideas?

    Hello fellow game devs I am seeking some answers to a somewhat simple question. Now I always thought that when a dev was going to work on a new game to publish he/she should keep some aspects secret infill time to release then he/she can give out needed information pertaining to the game to the public as a marketing tactic. However I had a discussion with other game devs who stated that my way was somewhat not right and the only reason I had such thoughts was due to me being a smaller indie dev who was afraid of having my idea stolen. Therefore I would honestly like to know if my way was right or were the other devs correct. If I were to start working on a new game and give out information about it online via social media would I be risking my idea being stolen and it being made faster and better by another developer or team of developers. Am...Am I paranoid???
  6. I love playing video games and learning about information technology and after finishing high school I went to community college to do computer science. I will honestly say that programming wasn't really my cup of tea however I could do some stuff with it. After leaving community college and all my friends went of to university I was thinking of ways how I could start my career in it. At first I was ultra interested in cyber security and I started to study real hard to get knowledgeable in that area, at one point I was even willing to do illegal stuff to gain money. Then one day i was browsing online on how to make some money and I was on a game forum (don't remember the name) where some people where talking of how much money they were making creating from their games and it intrigued me. So I quit learning cyber security and went full time into game dev. So far I have finished one simple 2d game that I intend to publish but am saving some money for some fees. I just love game dev,working with different software, creating all the assets then bringing them together to create something marvellous, creating soundtracks, coming up with the idea and plot for the game all these things get me pumped.
  7. Developer Dre Reid

    Problems with starting out on linux

    You might wanna try the Godot Engine, if your current options fail.
  8. I think experience trumps the degree especially if the projects that you release are a bit successful. That's my opinion tho.
  9. Developer Dre Reid

    Art Program

    Nice , i also have krita and mypaint installed in case medibang goes bad. It's a cool program but one of the main turn offs for me is that it has no option to select multiple layers.
  10. Developer Dre Reid

    Art Program

    Just wanted to get the opinion from fellow game developers on what their favorite art program for creating 2D assets is. Mine would be Medibang Paint Pro.
  11. Developer Dre Reid

    2d platformer level design.

    Thank you for your answer it was very informative
  12. Developer Dre Reid

    Bombing of Brussels airport

    Mehh..i live in a region where those threats aren't prevalent. 
  13. Developer Dre Reid

    2d platformer level design.

    I'm creating a 2d game myself and it's going alrite but the art man smh. My art looks plain and flat colored. How would i get that shiny sprite looking color effect???
  14. Developer Dre Reid

    Two or more monitors

    There's a logical resolution setting in the Display section of OSX's settings.   Oh boy thanx. I just use the darn thing to compile ios apps and play retro games and type angry rants
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