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    Feedback on Game Music

  2. Hyokune

    Feedback on Game Music

    Ohh, yeah I've been mainly into FF OSTs so maybe thats why, but I haven't heard catherine yet. Either way, thanks for listening!
  3. Hyokune

    Feedback on Game Music

    Yeah I think I should see some tutorials on mixing and mastering. But yes, I'm currently saving up to buy better instruments. Thank you for your feedback!
  4. Hyokune

    Feedback on Game Music

    Hello this is my first post here! To shortly introduce myself, I am a Korean university student studying computer science in New Zealand but hoping to become a musician either working in the game industry or Japanese music area. I was able to compose in highschool because of the fact that I have been a pianist for nearly my entire life. I am pretty new to DAWs and mixing etc. so I do no have that great variety of equipment to work with.   I was wondering if I could get some serious feedback of my original songs for games. Mainly this song:    Few other examples are in my soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/hyokune  
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