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  1. Heimerdinger

    programmer/developer wanted (profit share)

    ??? i have links of the art in the first post as for the GDD i want to work with the coder on making it https://envisionarylunacy.deviantart.com/gallery/65100419/Battlepus-Map-Screenshots here are some screenshots of part of the maps
  2. Heimerdinger

    programmer/developer wanted (profit share)

    while unity is preferred , any game engine is fine as long as you are willing to dedicate the time to actually make the game
  3. The music is done, the game has 10 designed levels and more on the way and about 100 different character sprites done, SFX , some UI stuff, etc https://envisionarylunacy.deviantart.com/gallery/63147024/Animated-Platypus-Sprites -characters -soundtrack add the skype name realeyesashun if you are interested
  4. hello , i am in need of a javascript coder to edit some already existing plugins to fit my needs of course having rpgmaker MV would be a plus PM me for more details
  5. still searching
  6. NOTICE: this position has been filled, thank you   PM me or message me on skype @ realeyesashun to negotiate price  need pixel artist to do grunt work to finish already started animated gifs Base sprites and concepts are already made just need someone to complete the other directions  one sprite that goes all directions is already made to give you an idea of what the rest need to look like
  7. Heimerdinger

    Looking For Another Coder for BATTLEPUS!

    the Voxel models are exported from qubicle as fbx files then animated in blender  the terrain is still up in the air depending on the skills of the coders i can find (i am just the artist/musician) cubiquity looks amazing but i don't think it has pathfinding which makes it so i cant really use it :( which is a darn shame because the voxel destruction on it is amazing and it was free lol
  8. Heimerdinger

    Looking For Another Coder for BATTLEPUS!

    yes we are still searching for more coders, ill add you in a bit to answer your questions   is anyone else interested as well?
  9. http://imgur.com/a/WHeBQ 3d art is mostly done https://soundcloud.com/envisionarylunacy/sets/battlepus-ost soundtrack is entirely done http://envisionarylunacy.deviantart.com/gallery/ 2d art is mostly done      I have another coder i just recently got from here which is helping me flesh out my ideas but could use another coder because i don't whip him enough >> this new coder i am looking for would need to know how to do these things   - Create a procedural voxel , mine-able world with biomes (basically like minecraft) - Create our water system (make the ships stay in the water, and the water based buildings only placeable near the water -Create our flying/anti air system     we are using unity game is profit share  
  10. sent you an email, its a bit of a weird one so i don't know if you got it
  11. https://soundcloud.com/envisionarylunacy/lullaby-of-the-shadow-whales   https://soundcloud.com/envisionarylunacy/onward   https://soundcloud.com/envisionarylunacy/battlepus-grass-zone   https://soundcloud.com/envisionarylunacy/enchant   https://soundcloud.com/envisionarylunacy/time-tetsugakusha     some examples of my work   can msg me on here or add Realeyesashun on skype          
  12. im trying to make a top down sandbox/rts voxel game. the game is called Battlepus,the goal is you run around and mine like in minecraft and find materials and blueprints which you then use to build the houses for the platypus minions, which then go and help you defend your base/ gather more resources in little squads you send in all directions. your base gets attacked randomly and you need turrets and walls to defend their houses or the platypus will be homeless  http://imgur.com/a/WHeBQ here is some random 3d art of it i have 38 different platypus minions atm each with their own custom made house 5 aircraft 16 automobiles 6 ships 2 mechs 9 turrets 15 hero turrets and other misc buildings for deploying them and villains of course http://envisionarylunacy.deviantart.com/gallery/62835114/Battlepus-Iso-Sprites here is the 2d Sprites for the UI when you highlight them in game https://soundcloud.com/envisionarylunacy/sets/battlepus-ost i have also completely done the soundtrack, 1 for each biome i had in mind and then 1 for the login theme   can msg me on here or add Realeyesashun on skype
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