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  1. Hobibit Hobit

    Star Boss on green light

    Hi. I just added two more enemy in to my game. They end short line of ships with auxiliary ships. They both use some kind of electrical attack, and both grand player electrical super weapon. Last enemy in this series give player super weapon that can defeat last big enemy (star base). So now player can chose which ultimate super weapon he will use against last star boss. Now, player have 14 planets to visit and fight with star boss, but he can visit only 8 + planet with last boss to win the game, so you must chose wisely. I still need lots of votes on greenlight, so I please for your help. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=625528619
  2. Hobibit Hobit

    Star Boss on green light

    I've added a new enemy: second from series of four opponents with auxiliary ships. This is particularly nasty. On its auxiliary platforms installed powerful generators, able to produce very strong electrical discharge. The ship itself is equipped with a number of torpedo launchers capable strike the target devastating dose of electrons.
  3. Hobibit Hobit

    Star Boss on green light

    I've added a new opponent. This is the first of a short series of 4 opponents. Their distinctive feature is that it will use the mini auxiliary ships, serving as support ships, artillery platforms, etc. The first opponent is not very difficult and it can be overcome without any super weapon. The opponent , however, has quite a wide range of weapons: light lasers , heavy lasers, rockets and magnetic mines.
  4. Hobibit Hobit

    Star Boss on green light

    Thanks for reply :) I will redo logo. Im not professional but I will do my best.   My dream is to make some money on games, so I will charge something for this game. But not much, something like 1$ or 2$. I want to earn beer money, and ask some friends to the pub.
  5. Hobibit Hobit

    Star Boss on green light

      Hi. I just put my first game on steam greenlight. i made this game alone. Its very simple space shooter. Player fly small ship and fight with large enemy ship's. Player must use different tactics and different weapon too defeat enemy's.   I need help to push this game forward http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=625528619
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