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  1. Sdhillon

    Getting started again.

    Thank you for your time. I am getting to work again on my portoflio in unreal engine 4. I hope i can make it good enough to impress the big companies out there.
  2. Sdhillon

    Getting started again.

      The filtering of resumes and how the interview is conducted as well as follow up interviews. And how is first day orientation. 
  3. Sdhillon

    Getting started again.

      We don't permit recruiting or volunteering in these discussion boards, and posts like that get deleted. If you want to jump in on somebody's indie project, check the Classifieds.   I apologize for that i did not realize classified was job related stuff. What i meant was more specifically what is the hiring process for level designer and what do studios look for in a level designer. What skills are important to have, i am very efficient with unity and in the past few days really getting into unreal engine 4 (i love it so far) and starting to learn some 3d modeling. I am proficient at scripting, am i heading in the right direction with my portfolio and skill development?
  4. Sdhillon

    Getting started again.

      vvvvv       I just started to notice a trend towards unreal engine 4 and have started to learn that trying to build a portfolio, do employers consider levels that are mods good or do they like things from scratch more.
  5. Alright i am getting started again to pursue my game designer career. I just started college and all the crazy moving and family stuff has settled i can focus again.   I am pursuing a information system degree. i have advanced knowledge of the Unity engine   I have been gone for a while from game development and i am refreshing myself on alot of stuff. I did work a little bit on a indie project as a level designer but my cpu was wiped (my poor portfolio) and my old maps are gone. I am basically starting over and wanted to know what is the best software for a level designer. Also what is the hiring process for such a position at studios. And lastly if anyone is recruiting a level designer please let me know i would love to get my hands dirty in a project again after all this time.  
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