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  1. Algorithm Generate unique ID per user

    Thank you for the reply. I agree with your suggestion of using GUID (UUID) as User ID. I don't want to generate any identifier based device's hardware so that I don't violate Apple's or Google's guidelines. Given I am fetching local machine's time in milliseconds, what are the chances of collision? Answers matching your questions: No No No I am fine with if a new User ID is generated when a player play the game on other device.
  2. I am developing a cross platform game for which I needs to generate unique identifier (User ID) for each user. I known some platform (Android or iOS) specific approaches to get device related identifiers but I am looking for a solution independent of the device identifiers. User ID Requirements: 1. Independent of the device's platform 2. Offline implementation (no communication with any servers) 3. Without sign-up process I have implemented one approach to create User IDs where I store the system time when the game was launched for the first time on the device. I have following questions: 1. Are there any other approaches to generate User IDs (which will meet the above requirements)? 2. What are the common approaches to create unique identifiers with taking any information from the user? 3. Are there any third party plug-ins to implement User IDs? I would appreciate any suggestions and thoughts on this topic. EDIT: There are lot of responses to use UUID/GUID. Generally, this approach looks fine but I am looking for a solution which can generate same User ID even if the user reinstall the game.
  3. Game AI architecture for a RTS game

    Thank for your response Alvaro. Are talking about "Goal oriented AI"? The AI in which actions are taken to meet the immediate needs/goals. Will there be any advantage of using decisions trees instead of rule based system?
  4. I am developing a RTS game involving robber and cops. I have designed a simple rule based AI system for the robber. Goals of the robber AI: Escape from the cops (robber should not get caught) Conduct robbery Current implementation: The robber AI uses a rule based system to escape from the cops. I have written IF-THEN clauses to build the rule based AI system. The robber AI uses the knowledge of cops’ current positions. Future requirements: I am worried about the current architecture of this robber AI system. I read that rule based systems are inefficient and difficult to maintain. For the future, I want the robber AI to use some power-ups (to escape) The AI should consider the power-ups used by the cops before making decisions. For conducting the robbery, the robber has to move to a specific location escaping from the cops. Questions: Is the current rule based AI system will flexible enough (and easy to maintain) to meet the future requirements? What can be better alternatives for the existing rule based system? (Like decision trees or state machines etc.) I read people suggesting that the rule based systems are difficult to debug. Can anyone explain why? I would appreciate any thought/suggestions on this topic. Thank you.
  5. I am developing a 3D game with Cocos2D-X. I want to implement the functionality of exploding 3D mesh file into its components. I found that Cocos2D-X currently does not include the feature of destructible mesh similar to other game engines. As per the 3D documentation on Cocos2D-X website, Cocos2D-X currently supports Particle Universe Editor for creation of the 3D particle effects, but the domain for download link of Particle Universe Editor is expired (Mirrors also lead to expired domain). I am able to use the in-built explosion 3D particle system in Cocos2D-X, but I want the texture of exploded particles to be the same as the mesh texture.   I have the following queries:   1) Does anyone have the working link for downloading the Particle Universe Editor?   2) Are there any other alternative tools/plug-ins for creating 3D mesh explosion for Cocos2D-X?   3) Also, are there any other good approaches for implementing 3D mesh explosion functionality in Cocos2D-X?   I’d appreciate any suggestions on this issue. Thank you in advance.
  6. Hi @rraallvv,   Thank you for the reply. I will try to use bullet physics in my project and thank you for the example link.
  7. I am developing a cross-platform 3D FPS game using Cocos2D-X on Windows machine. I want to implement the physics for bullet projectiles and first person character controller. Also, I want to implement feature of collision detection between 3D game objects. I searched online for resources, but could not find any helpful resources. I found the game developers' blog discussing about use of Bullet Physics library in Cocos2D-X. While exploring Cocos2D-X framework, I found that classes from Bullet Physics library are present in the external folder of the Cocos2D-X framework. So, I think that Bullet physics library is in-built in Cocos2D-X.   I have the following questions:   1. Which libraries are best for Physics and Collision detection for a 3D game development in Cocos2D-X? 2. If Bullet Physics library is best solution, then how to use this library in the development of 3D game on Cocos2D-X?   I would appreciate any information and tutorial resources related to this topic. Thank you in advance.
  8. I am developing a 3D game with Cocos2D-X. I have converted .fbx mesh file into .c3b and .c3t file format using fbx-conv tool. I have imported these files into 3D scene and they are displayed properly along with the materials. I want these mesh files to be two sided. I did research but could not find helpful resources. Also, there is no Material Editor (present in UE4 and Unity3D) available in Cocos2D-X through which I can enable two sided property. How should I implement two sided mesh files in Cocos2D-X?   I’d appreciate any suggestions on this issue. Thank you in advance.   [Moderator note: Please don't modify the fonts like that. Giant-sized fonts make it look like you are shouting, or worse.]
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