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  1. Miss

    AngelScript 2.34.0 is out

    You seem to have forgotten to update the date on the main page though: http://www.angelcode.com/angelscript/
  2. Miss

    AngelScript 2.34.0 is out

    Yaay! Thanks for the update!!
  3. Miss

    Enum size

    As always, thank you for your continued support of the library.
  4. Miss

    Property accessor mode was changed

    Yes, it is probably a good change. I was just surprised to see it.
  5. Noticed there were some new commits about a "property" keyword that was added and the default property accessor mode was changed: https://github.com/codecat/angelscript-mirror/commit/9e7e64b997653301971aadd2de1c5947f7ee3bea I wonder what the decision is behind that, as I was quite surprised to see a ton of script errors after updating from source today, without any indication that I am missing property keywords on them. I think this is quite a big breaking change for a lot of people. I'm not against change of course, I'm happy to adjust my code if necessary! For anyone curious as well, setting the engine property for this back to 2 allows you to revert this behavior: m_engine->SetEngineProperty(asEP_PROPERTY_ACCESSOR_MODE, 2);
  6. Miss

    Type with asOBJ_REF tries to copy on &in

    Ah, I see. I still think the difference between &in, &out, and &inout is a strange concept to have in the language, but maybe that's just me. By that paragraph, I assume "const Type &in x" doesn't copy the object, because it's const anyway?
  7. I have a type that I defined like this: r = m_engine->RegisterObjectType("SValueBuilder", 0, asOBJ_REF); assert(r >= 0); Now consider the following AS code: void Test1(SValueBuilder &in builder) { Test2(builder); } void Test2(SValueBuilder &in builder) { } This actually throws this error at me which I did not expect, considering it's passed as a reference: [WRN] [11:41:38] ERR : scripts/main.as (line 3, column 8) [WRN] [11:41:38] : No appropriate opAssign method found in 'SValueBuilder' for value assignment [WRN] [11:41:38] : Previous error occurred while attempting to create a temporary copy of object Why is it trying to copy the object if it's passing it as a reference? Is this a bug, or am I overlooking something?
  8. Miss

    Having issues adding a class method

    Write it as "node@" instead. Handles (pointers) are denoted with an @ in Angelscript instead of a *.
  9. Miss

    register subset of stl to angelscript

    For string, you can use the one shipped with Angelscript: scriptstdstring.cpp and scriptstdstring.h. For vector, I believe this one might work: https://gist.github.com/MartinBspheroid/10103958 I'm not sure about any others.
  10. Miss

    How to unregister enums?

    I don't think you can unregister anything. Why do you want to do this?
  11. Perhaps Compiler Explorer is useful? https://godbolt.org/z/oZNb-Y That link is ARM64 on gcc though, not clang. Don't know if there's any big differences there.
  12. Miss

    Official SVN repo down?

    I hope life is treating you well!
  13. Miss

    Official SVN repo down?

    SVN still works for me. (The link you provide also works fine.) The latest commit was on January 23rd. My github mirror is still properly updating every hour. I guess it's possible that Sourceforge's SVN was just under maintenance or something.
  14. Ah yes, that is indeed the impression I've always had and one that I really appreciate a lot.
  15. You might also find some useful information in the source code for dyncall. It seems to support arm64 as well. Sidenote - would it be interesting to implement dyncall into Angelscript directly so that Angelscript itself doesn't need to maintain architecture calling code? I don't know exactly if there are any massive differences.
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