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  1. Miss

    Will there be more frequent updates?

    I made a mirror on GitHub that's updated hourly. Main purpose is to allow for Angelscript to be added to projects as a git submodule for easy updating. See: https://github.com/codecat/angelscript-mirror
  2. Miss

    CScriptBuilder #elif, #else

    That would be cool, too! Thanks!
  3. Miss

    CScriptBuilder #elif, #else

    So, I tried implementing #else and #elif into CScriptBuilder but gave up because I wasn't happy with the way the code looked. So, instead, I wrote my own general purpose preprocessor. Feel free to include it (or not) into CScriptBuilder. I will also be adding an option to my version of CScriptBuilder to disable #if and #endif.
  4. Miss

    CScriptBuilder #elif, #else

    It would be great to have these keywords included by default in the script builder addon. It's kind of a pain to use precompiler options currently. Maybe even a way to negate an #if? (#if ! or so.)
  5. Title pretty much describes the issue here. This causes a ton of warnings when compiling using asOFFSET on MSVC x64: warning C4267: 'argument': conversion from 'size_t' to 'int', possible loss of data
  6. Miss

    Enum size

    I just ran into an issue with a function in C++ returning an enum with 1 byte in size (enum "inherits" from uint8_t). The function was registered as a thiscall. Angelscript seemed to assume it wasn't 1 byte in size, causing it to return an invalid value. I had to write a wrapper function work around this. Is there a way to specify size for enums? (This was on x86 on Angelscript 2.32.0 by the way.)
  7. Miss


    We've had several issues with the development version in the past, but considering there's no real (regular) release schedule, it's probably best to try and see if it's suitable enough for you. Personally, I am using the WIP version for one of my hobby projects because it has a few crucial fixes that I needed, but we're using the latest release at work (from 2017) for our released game on Steam.
  8. To be honest, it's already confusing to me that the example given above doesn't work, it seems like a perfectly normal thing to do, so running into compiler errors when trying these things with &inout is always a surprise.
  9. Miss


    Additionally, it would be nice to have this with the ability to alias namespaces (like in C++).
  10. I haven't yet. It might be worth a shot trying! Thanks for pointing out the trial is in the sidebar by the way, totally missed that when I was looking at it!
  11. The original JIT repository is pretty good, but crashes for us after a while. Too bad it's not really getting many more updates. I'm glad you're maintaining a fork! Ps, I've looked at some of your audio plugins, the Angelscript prototyping plugin looks really cool! Is there a trial/demo available for it? I actually had an idea of making a similar plugin a while ago but never got around to it.
  12. Miss

    CScriptHandle null

    Ah, that explains a lot! Thank you.
  13. Miss

    AngelScript in Highlight.js

    Thought I would report that my pull request for Highlight.js has been merged, so it now has support for AngelScript! https://github.com/highlightjs/highlight.js/pull/1798 Hope this is useful to some! I know that Discord uses highlightjs for their syntax highlighting, so it will hopefully also work on Discord soon.
  14. Miss

    CScriptHandle null

    Is it possible to pass a null handle to ?&in parameters? For example, in 2.32.0 this causes a null reference exception: SomeObject@ obj = null; ref x(obj); The constructor for ref takes ?&in, so it kinda makes sense it dereferences it... Would it be possible to still catch when null is passed? (When passing non-null, the typeId passed to this function does not have the asTYPEID_OBJHANDLE flag set either.) (I'd like to handle this case for a separate thing, but CScriptHandle is the easiest example to demonstrate the problem.)
  15. Miss

    MSVC optimization bug?

    15.8 is out! https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/visualstudio/2018/08/14/visual-studio-2017-version-15-8/ Will confirm whether this is fixed in a few hours Thanks MS!
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