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  1. my personal future in game programing

    i wish ('MURICA f*** ye!), even worse, i was born and lived most of my life in israel. never knowing better believing i have no choice but to suffer beneath the boots of the upper class and the strangling superficial overpricing of everything they created using thier political pawns. in sweden i worked full time as a java tutor (freelancer) from an empty class in the local university (everyone spoke english even better then me) from the first week i got there. i still have a few hundred crowns(sek) left from that trip,the first time in my life i return with money from a very long trip. i never had that kind of life here. it was like a miracle or a dream. i will return to sweden next winter for a few months again and will eventually live there.
  2. my personal future in game programing

    very good information. yes knowing people helps. i havent tried freelancer websites for games, i will try this soon. i guss full time job can do it but i love working from home. and yes location affects alot in this business . i dont live in the us and dont intend to, currently i live in a very shity country. i will probably be moving to sweden in the next few yers there i had a much easier time finding programming work of any type. what about teaching game programing? anyone did that at all?
  3. first of all game programming and games are a passion of mine. but i would love to make a living out of it, as an indie or contractor(freelancer). the problem is no one knows me or my skills as programmer...well thats not true. i remembered that there are two people who know what im worth.... the problem is i hate both of them also with a passion for what they did to me, they know me as a web developer they hired, both of them tried to use me one of them threatened to sue me but called me the best web developer he had (he wanted me to work for free out of fear the other one wanted me to work for almost free both got nothing). i thoght to myself how pathetic, that after all those 5 years of learning programming the only people who know im a good programmer are such evil basterds. i dont have a degree and exept for my 30+ git repos i dont have any other proof i know how to program. life is short and i dont want to wake up one day at the age of 40 thinking i havent accomplished anything and a free plus i will still be broke. it keeps me awake at night for weeks now and its unbreakable. all my work my js game framework/librery, my java framework/librery and the one im working on for corona sdk, all the games i spent time programming. all of this for nothing a waste of time no one will ever remember or even see. and i will not make a dime out of it. i tried teaching programming, i had a small success . but i didnt even have one game programming student even when i offerd first two lessons at the price of one and quantity discount. i thoght of an idea of giving the first 10 tutoring hours for free limeted to 10 people, even if i gain one student its worth more then 0$ even if not that at least i will spread my game frameworks, "free advertising". the problem is finding serious people who are willing to build stuff and learn from the ground up, and not the time wasters and people who think i will work for free (lol 10 hours in game dev is a joke). what do you think? shod i waste my time? where shod i post that ad and how to filter the time wasters? do you have better ideas? developing even a simple game to spread my name can take alot of time and ill need graphics and music etc.
  4. i ported my js dom engine :   https://github.com/yoel123/yoel-html5-game-engine-tutorials   to java using slick2d engine as the foundation:   https://github.com/yoel123/yoel-java-slick2d-framework   in the github rippo there are examples of basic usage.   and an example game picking sticks:   https://github.com/yoel123/yoel-java-slick2d-framework-picking-sticks   works on windows,mac and linux (created using jarsplice).   for now when i have time im willing to teach one on one free how to use my framework for anyone that mastered the basic of java and at least can create pong(in any language,the importent thing is the logic ).   im planing on making a written and video tutorials via youtube. and releasing a javadoc soon.     tomorrow i will upload my port to phaser js and in the future i will port to corona sdk.   edit:   phaser js port of my framework:   https://github.com/yoel123/yoel-phaser-js-framework
  5. Abuse 1996 - 20th anniversary source port

    i sew this a while , i realy loved that game. are there any tutorials on how to use this game source? that would be very helpful
  6. Jo & Momo [platformer, puzzle]

    intersting mechanics
  7. i created a few more tuts showing more features and methods that my game engine uses.    everything is in the link.   what i dont have is feedback on the effectiveness of my tuts i dont know how good is my technical writing skill. or how to write the most effective tutorial. ill be glad for any feedback.   https://github.com/yoel123/yoel-html5-advanced-game-engine-tutorials
  8. is it written in php? what design patterns did you use for it?   is it turn based or time based?   is there a politics system?   is there a devloper log? its interesting to know how long dose it take to make somthing like that and what are the hardest parts.
  9. Monsters

    your welcome. you can use or create a level designer, that would make it easier to make alot of levels in a very short time.
  10. Beginner with a dream.

    first thers this: http://www.g4g.it/fgv/2012/08/27/borderlands-2-8-bit-demake/   you can use it as inspiration.   in borderlands its all about the loot (or at least its a big part),you shod create a solid loot system,with drop rates etc. http://gamedevelopment.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-code-monster-loot-drops--cms-20449 also make a weapon class with atts like :dmg type,fire rate,spread,clip size,special effect,abilities etc (check borderlands weapon wiki for more).   when i started learning game dev i looked at alot of raw code (i was a programmer for a year before i got into game dev).it took time before it all sinked in.   learn linear algebra and trigonometry intuitively(or at least enough to manipulate things on a screen).   http://www.amazon.com/Macromedia-Flash-Game-Design-Demystified/dp/0201770210 http://blog.wolfire.com/2009/07/linear-algebra-for-game-developers-part-1/ http://kirill-poletaev.blogspot.co.il/2010/07/rotate-object-to-mouse-using-as3.html   learn refactoring and design patterns, game programming can become complex and you need to keep it all organized and easy to change. plan everything in detail.   c++ is ok use smfl or allegro, i learned a lot from using game engines and frameworks.   and keep a small scope for your game. or else development wont end.
  11. Monsters

    it looks nice, i liked that mini boss at the end.   what tool did you use to design the level?
  12. Sandbox Adventure, HTML5 visual novel engine

    wow very nice.   about you being the only one who can create a project, i might be able to help. you can create a small scripting language, or you can use something like xml.   creating a gui tool will be harder but worth it if you want none programmers to use it. i did stuff like that before , i have a script interpreter and a webpage maker gui tool for bootstrap. will be happy to pass that knowledge on.   about monetization use ads and premium content, a lite version for free (with a link to your site). if it would be paid only it will have less exposure.
  13. my html5 game engine+tuts

    sorry i didnt know.
  14. this is a game engine i created after i was told flash has no future. its based of ideas i got from flash game engines i used.   i didnt use canvas because it was slow (at least at back then). its based on dom and jquery.   i decided to create tutorials to teach how to use some of its basic functions. in the future i will create some more.   you can download it here:   https://github.com/yoel123/yoel-html5-game-engine-tutorials