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    Feedback on Music and Sound Design

    Hi   I think the tracks are very well and thoroughly produced. Their mood fits in with the character of the game very nicely.   But I also think that the soundtrack sounds a little bit too much of everything: a little bit overloaded with sounds and ideas and instruments and maybe a little too fast paced (that refers to my personal music taste, of course..)   I find it always more interesting when gaming action and music add something to each other that is not predictable and at some points surprising.   Cheers Phil
  2. phil_79

    Feedback on Score

    @Mats1: It’s not true what you’re writing, please listen carefully. Especially the tracks „From Revealing“ and „Revelance“  have got many harmonic changes, so they are certainly not „repetitive„ or „unchanging“.    But it’s true that I’m not a melodic composer (by definition!) who composes in a classical way like for example John Williams does.    So, when you’re saying my tracks sound dull, then you have to say scores like Hans Zimmer’s Da Vinci Code sound dull too.
  3. phil_79

    Feedback on Score

    Hi again   apart from the two questions in post#3, I've made a new mixing/mastering version of the track and also added the non mastered output of it for comparison:   New Master - Soundcloud: From Revealing 3 (remastered) / I experienced some upload problems with soundcloud. In case the SC-link doesn't work, here is a Dropbox link: Download   Unmastered Output - Dropbox: Nomaster.mp3   Thanks! Phil
  4. phil_79

    Feedback on Score

    Hello CCH Audio   thanks a lot for this insightful feedback! I’m going to change the mix/master as you said and post it here again.    But I’ve got two questions: How do you archive a mono out of sub 300 hz and leave the upper frequencies stereo? How do you produce a 15ips sound? In my DAW, that is Logic Pro X, there is tape delay. Will this do the job and how do I have in that case change the settings? (See screenshot) [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7236]   Thanks! Phil
  5. phil_79


  6. phil_79

    Feedback on Score

    Hello   I'm a newbie here - my name's Phil and I'm composing soundtracks as a hobby.   I'd like to show you three of my tracks and ask for your opinion. The first track is a medium paced action/adventure score that works well with fast sequences; the next two tracks are mellow and dark-   Please see them in this Soundcloud playlist: Soundtrack2016   Thank you! Phil
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