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  1. shoxart

    The Total Beginner’s Guide to Better 2D Game Art

    I draw from 20 years and my advice... read comic books, manga, watch anime and movies, play games, learn theory, composition, perspective, lighting, shading, styles, anatomy all animals on earth and space :), draw on paper (you need to master that kind of tool like pencil, ink pencil, brush for inking or painting) and on computer (you need to know photoshop, illustrator), practice every day, the more details that better, more details need you more time to draw, don't be angry, you must be patient, and like it, if you don't like this then you don't be good. Pracitce, time and passion... and, after a few year you will be good after 10 you will be very good, and after 20 i think you will be a master of this art :). 
  2. shoxart

    Looking For 2D Pokemon Styled Assets

    I am a horrible artist - Don't bother, just hire somebody to draw for you (and hire good artist!). If you release game with poor graphic, then nobody want to play this game. People, understand that game development is not for one people, just like movie production...
  3. I need to know what music genres are most popular in games?
  4. shoxart

    Fantasy Scene

    It reminds me Spyro The Dragon from PSX. I see shadows, light come from above.
  5. Madsen, it's very okey as you wrote but for me are not enough flute main melody in this song.
  6. shoxart

    Buzzopoly Theme (Big band with vocals)

    This is really good, no cons here.
  7. shoxart

    Music for an old school adventure game

    On the prow - I don't like the bass line, to high notes for me, try to play lower notes. Try to use a trumpet instead of electric piano and master this properly, piano too loud.   Map screen - It seems to be okey, nice rhytm   Downtown - 0:40 i don't like this piano solo, delete, rhytm is good i feel this chase   Generally it's okey for indie game ost, but i think you can do this better, try to use other instruments to be more soft, work on better solos...GOOD LUCK!
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