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    I Need Help! Getting My Game Out

    This can't be because you created a zillionth slither.io clone nobody needs. The reason must be somewhere else. Make your own games with your own ideas, that's what. And if you are going to make clones, try to be at least among the first ones, and prepare a solid budget for your marketing campaign to be ahead of other clones. Making yet another cheap slither.io clone months after every schoolboy across the globe already made and released their own copy of it will get you nowhere.
  2. maxeuwe

    Sidestep - Feedback Wanted

      It took you two months, and the best you could is make a mouse cursor collecting pluses, with some simple physics added? Sorry, but this is a work of of two days, not two months. There are a few hundred thousands other games at Google Play about adventures of color squares/dots/circles/whatever other geometry figures drawn in MS Paint, and all of them look exactly like your game. Do you really expect somebody to notice and play your game in this ocean of other cheap MS Paint games?   Sorry if my comments sound harsh, but they are honest. You won't go anywhere with projects like these. Maybe for your next project you should make something that won't look like a game for Commodore 64, but at least will be comparable to SNES games quality, maybe. Not sure why I even bother typing this. I know people will keep dumping thousands of these MS Paint games on the Internet and then wonder why nobody plays them. Whatever.
  3. Well, if you want some honest feedback: on your google play page you have ~50 downloads, but already 50 reviews, out of which 48 are 5 stars. All the reviewers have Indian names and the same writing style. Looks totally legit! Developers of Angry Birds or Candy Crash can barely get a review from one in twenty users, and a lot of those are bad ones. But you get a review from every single user installing your game, and 100% of those are happy. LOL.   You can't be so stupid as to buy a whole pack of fake reviews next day after publishing your game without even getting some downloads first, right? So the only logical explanation is that you are a new prodigy of game development and will take the game industry by storm next month. Then you are on the right track. 
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