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  1. ‘Why are they all in swimsuits?’ And I was like, ‘I don’t know. I don’t know anymore.’ Exactly!
  2. Scionwest_106582

    Authenticating users

        If I use a DTLS lib I don't have to worry about encryption at all? At which point I can just use a sequence number meant for tracking my packet delivery rather than a sequence number needed for and IV on the packet?
  3. Scionwest_106582


    That's a really cool concept. Most games just gives you a blanket shield and you're done. I like the idea of making users decide what areas they want to protect and being able to piece together a complete shield system over time..
  4. Scionwest_106582

    Authenticating users

    Thanks for the information. This is all really new to me; I'm trying to pick up and understand how this would work. If you are encrypting the packets over AES128, do I need to go over DTLS? If I do, what is the point of encrypting the packets then? In the past, when using AES256 I've seen massive overhead penalties. I can't imagine how much overhead this would have if I'm sending a thousand packets per second.    If encrypting is acceptable over DTLS, can I reduce the overhead by just encrypting "cheat" vectors?  Things like IAP transactions, in-game store and in-game currency award packets etc. This would leave things like chat messages and character movement unencrypted?   Do you know of a book, Udemy/Pluralsite or blog-series on building out these mechanics? It doesn't matter the language, I can get it into my language of choice if I can see some working basic examples of the concept in-action to help visualize the flow of operations a bit more.
  5. Scionwest_106582

    Isometric rendering

    After having spent a month or so on my UDP server, I decided it was time to consider it good enough and move over to the client development. First item of business over there would be the creation of the renderer using an Isometric perspective. I was able to get one setup using some sample tiles I found online and a tutorial on Isometric rendering with XNA. The assets used in the screenshot are just sample assets. I think this tile size is a good fit for my game; I just need to create some assets that are more appropriate for what I'm developing. I was originally planning on developing the game using Cocos2d-x, writing it all in C++. However, in order to prototype a quick client that could interact with my server I decided to build something simple using MonoGame and C#. After the exercise of creating the Isometric perspective and the math involved. I realized just how much I had to learn in regards to game development. While I've programmed now for nearly 20 years, none of it has really been game development. What I didn't want to do was learn both game development and C++ at the same time. Doing that felt like a huge learning curve that would potentially end up with me giving up in frustration and moving back to my non-game development projects. If I stuck with C# as my language for the game, then that would really help me focus on just learning game development, independent of the language. So MonoGame it is for this project. I would really like to build a game in C++, so perhaps I can take my experience with iMini and learn C++ on my next game. While writing this code in MonoGame, I've learned a few things. The first thing is that it is extremely easy to just pile all your logic updates and rendering updates into the XNA Update() and Draw() methods within the Game subclass. My Draw method is a hideous monster of crap. The good news is that i know what needs to get refactored out of it and how, I just haven't done it yet. The second thing I've learned is that there's a lot of math involved. A lot. I know 3d games have a ton of math; I guess I figured that a 2d game would just have really basic math. I didn't realize until I started building the Isometric perspective just how much math was involved. It is still basic math, but just a lot more of it than expected. The third thing I didn't realize was that at 60fps, you only have 16ms to render the frame. At 30fps you have a bit more time (33ms) per frame but not much. So I'll have to be careful as I write my code. I had figured that a 2d game wouldn't need to worry about performance at all. I thought I'd just write my code in the easiest way possible and not worry about perf. If I only have 16ms per frame to render and update logic, there's a lot of optimizations I can see needing to be done over time. If this game wasn't a multiplayer game, where I'd have to update all the players locally, then I wouldn't be to concerned. The networking pieces will require some careful design when I get to it on the client. EOF
  6. RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Skype for Business: The 1 gigabyte IRC client. No I'm not joking. This is the installer for it. https://t.co/sI3MW4cMSa
  7. Scionwest_106582

    Authenticating users

    There's a lot of acronyms here for a noob lol. What is a CTR and a CFB?  What does a sequence number act as? I was thinking that it just made up the order of datagrams if order mattered, otherwise they weren't needed. Is it just a sequential integer, or a GUID and is it used to verify the datagram in anyway? If so, how so?   I appreciate the conversation, this is really helpful stuff. A lot of googling going on in my browser :D
  8. Scionwest_106582

    Authenticating users

    Do you have a link for the DTLS support in OpenSSL? I have not been able to find much on that when googling :/.   Using SSL for communicating with the server seems like a large amount of overhead once the client is authenticated. When the client is authenticated, as long as I map the PlayerId from my database with the IP that the user is authenticated with, can I send any non-sensitive data (like location updates and chat messages) over as plain text to the authenticated IP? Is there a performance overhead by sending every packet through SSL?
  9. RT @sdw: I label increasingly nonsensical images with ‘UI’ and ‘UX’ and hope they get used in serious presentations https://t.co/tDJgRp6CO5
  10. RT @TheCauldron: Charles Barkley with a touchscreen is your uncle trying a tablet for the first time https://t.co/Q6pRbNLOho
  11. This is just sad. How the heck am I supposed to get this laptop working MSFT? Buy a Surface? I think not.
  12. Scionwest_106582

    Authenticating users

    Do you guys have any material I could read up on for using TLS/DTLS? I've never had to use any TLS/HTTPS protocols before so I'm not sure what processes there are for generating a certificate, or if I even have to generate a certificate for DTLS.   If I do have to use a certificate, do I have to send it across the wire in both directions during transmission of each Datagram so the server and client know they are always talking to the proper authority?
  13. Anyone seen this? I have a laptop that won’t even boot to USB for a clean install of win10 ISO; the beta expired. https://t.co/W7BE1yyGST
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