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  1. What break are you talking about? You can't break out of functions, you can only break out of loops. If you want to 'break' out of a function, you can use a return statement. LIke this: if againPlay != "Y" or againPLay != "y": end_game() return game() The return statement stops the execution of the function and returns a value. But in this case, we don't want to return any value, just stop the execution. This will achieve the same result as writing: if againPlay != "Y" or againPLay != "y": end_game() else: game() The problem with your code is that 'end_game' (whatever the name might say) isn't really ending the game or 'breaking' out of the code. You are still calling the game() function again. If you get confused then it's a good practice usually to use names that better describe the function. LIke, in this case, 'printEndMessage' or 'endGameMessage', for example.
  2. For learning Programming, I would suggest the book Head First Programming. Very beginner friendly, and contains great interactive examples. You can check it out here: http://www.headfirstlabs.com/books/hfprog/ Head First Programming would start out by teaching Python, without assuming any programming knowledge. Having learned to program by a Head First book myself, I can confidently tell you that it would be one of the best ways to start with programming. Do take a look at it. Later, if your daughter decides that she wants to do Game Development, then she can try pygame (which is a bit low-level) or Game Maker Studio. Otherwise, learning Python opens up a lot more options as well. So you might want to rethink her path depending on how the Stage #1 goes. Good Luck!
  3. Learning android app and game development using Android Studio.
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