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  1. Hi.   I have that idea for procedurally generated sci-fi MMO based around designing and building stuff (previously discussed some of it here). Modding would be core part of that game. Originally the idea was to have core team that would do the basic stuff and then let modders take over the rest. Unfortunately in life things happen and now I have certain obstacles that makes it problematic.   One option would be to abandon the idea (something that most peoples usually do). Another option would be to explore different ways to make it happen.   I will not go too deep in to the idea itself, since the point of this topic is not that. But the end result would be large scale. Tho, initially there wouldn't be any need to have lot of stuff, since most of it would be created by community. Because that's the whole point of that game. If it gets any traction here, we later will discuss parts of it in other topics. Look into Outerra/TitanIM projects to have better idea for direction. But that is more for game engine. Rest of the idea has more stuff in it. Since the whole philosophy of this game would revolve around community created content, may be there are ways to develop the whole project form beginning in that style? Would have many benefits.   So, what do you think? Are there any examples out there? What would it take for you to join that project and how? One concern is the legal side. Both for me and potential developers. That idea is kindof my IP - have to protect it. And I also have to imagine my self on the other side - how to make sure that peoples work will be rewarded and they wont be ripped off. I wouldn't rip off, I know that... but those are only my words.   It is important for me to hear from peoples who would actually be able to take part in the development. Fully and honestly. If you would want money, say it. Any legal safeguards, say it. May be some would be willing to work on it just as modding enthusiasts - ok, but even then I have ideas to monetize your work.   Remember, my aim is to find a way, rather than propose one. Nor this is job interview or something like that.
  2. Kristaps Bendiks

    Procedurally generated planet Earth 1:1

    That is 100% true. I have solutions for that in mind and by no means the alternate Earth wouldn't be empty desert with noting else but sand and water in it. If this thing is technically possible (and it looks like it is), then I will  of course get deeper in to story and gameplay ideas. Until then I have to be careful what info I give. I just don't want to spoil some stuff, in case I succeed. What happens in internet, stays in internet.
  3. Kristaps Bendiks

    Procedurally generated planet Earth 1:1

    Yes, that could be a problem. What I have in mind is making it expensive when it comes to resources. And mod style creations like weapons, vehicles etc - it is unlikely that community would vote for trolling creation to be included in game. My idea is to make resources expensive enough so players need to be in guild type thing to build big, or even some kind of alliance of guilds if project is city sized. At the same time keeping resources no too expensive, so players can reasonably fast gather resources for their own weapons, armor, vehicles and housing.
  4. Kristaps Bendiks

    Procedurally generated planet Earth 1:1

    Apart from some understandable skepticism, fairly encouraging. Confirms what I have in mind. As I mentioned, the planet would be wiped clean. Just sand, snow and oceans, seas, rivers with plain bottoms. No grass, no trees... nothing. It all makes sense, trust me.   There would be 'something' on the planet (for gameplay/story reasons), but as far as asset amount, it shouldn't take too much. If you want to get the basic idea - put together Minecraft, Sims style game, city building game, combat something like Planetside 2, farming game, etc, + modding/content creation as part of actual game. And that content creation part is probably the biggest part of all of it. For two reason I would like to go that route. 1. devs give the guidelines for world, but world itself is built by players. And we all know how much peoples like to build stuff. At the same time there would be non-world-building gameplay. 2. of course it would be crazy to try to make whole detailed world from dev side. Not that it is impossible. But certainly way too expensive for indie. So it is something like creating canvas and giving tools to players to fill it. Has only enough prebuilt stuff to be functional, bug free and have good initial gameplay. For instance - have 3 types of guns designed by devs. Rest of the guns are designed by players, submitted and reviewed by other players, that then it ends up in game. Game with something for everyone.   There are far more procedural generation related stuff that I knew. And that Outerra looks really interesting. As I'm checking it out now it really looks like good fit. Would be nice if I could use already existing engine. So thanks for info so far, really helpful!
  5. Kristaps Bendiks

    Procedurally generated planet Earth 1:1

    What I was thinking with that detail problem was, if the basic terrain of Earth can be done by extracting data from Google earth and then auto-detailed with that procedural generating algoritm, then it should be fine. All it have to do is look reasonably similar to Earth. Any other specific changes would be made by players later. Some glitches may occur and if it wouldn't be possible to fix with algoritms, them my idea would be to do pre-alpha events where peoples can take part in terraforming/fine detailing. Basically making the game development part of game itself. At lest that's the idea...
  6. Kristaps Bendiks

    Procedurally generated planet Earth 1:1

    Hi! I have an idea for game about world building on planet Earth. Planet would be wiped clean with only sandy desert, snowy desert and oceans/seas. Everything else would be built as part of actual game-play. Have nice story in mind etc etc. I wont get too deep in all of that for now. I have few things I need to clarify, since I am not personally experienced in this exact Procedural generation stuff.   1. I know there is (rather was) game called Fuel. Huge procedurally generated wold compared to most games. But what about planet sized world? What I have in mind is something slightly similar to Google earth data (may be even could extract data from there). Only instead of high res images, have either image based (displacement maps) or other type of data for basic terrain generation that then gets detailed out with procedural generation. So what it would take? How far the data can be compressed while not losing consistency. I would like to keep as much data as possible outside the gaming device. Also there would be incoming data after initial world is built - terraforming, buildings, vegetation etc (this as much procedurally generated as possible too).   2. Which game engine would be suitable for something like this? Existing ones can handle it or need new engine?   P.S. If possible I would like to keep this to technological side, for now. I know it isn't the smallest project idea. How to do it... will figure it out later. Probably Indiegogo.
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