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  1. Oh awesome. I'm very interested in how you make the "copy all components" tool. Definitely depicts me! Can you give some hints on how to achieve the Components Clipboard part?
  2. HuToday

    Stop the Player or Punish Them

    Oh I have some more ideas that may be useful for you:   -Human guards wear special reflective armors, firing charge weapons will reflect the pulse into player himself.   -The guards are previously the player's friends or whatever. Hurting them will cause mental pain, and  maybe will disrupt the user's control for a sec or two.   -The player believes in some religion or is cursed. Hurting others will hurt himself through some mysterious way.
  3. HuToday

    Stop the Player or Punish Them

    In many games EMP weapons can be seen. This is a kind of weapon that creates electro-magnetic pulses that disable vehicles but ignores creatures.   Here, I have another idea: computer viruses. Just replace your "charge gun" with a virus-deploying mobile device or a hacking-pad, and everything will turn out fine(and a little nerdy :) ).
  4. HuToday

    How to Create a Mobile Game on the Cheap

    Note here: Chinese programmers may found it impossible to register an Atlassian account before they "get over the wall". (Like me, seeing an "Google ReCAPTCHA failed to load" while trying to register)
  5. HuToday

    Entities-Parts I: Game Objects

    Wow, a good idea, especially for game programming in Unity!
  6. HuToday

    Brain Dead Simple Game States

    Well, I appreciate your work. However, for a beginner like me who use unity, the transitions between "game states" are realized by switching between different scenes. Maybe I will use your system when I program a game without using the game engines...   BTW, what the ... is the comment above me? Ads?
  7. Thank all you guys for replying! That's  helpful and  I will tell my group leader, who prefer the third plan your ideas.(And see if she changes her mind.)   I don't know why, but I can only reach gamedev.net when I'm in the teaching building. The wifi in my dorm doesn't seem to give me access for this website, and that's part why I didn't reply you till today. :huh: (And part because homework has overwhelmed me)
  8.   Wow, really? Should it be like that way, players would be able to ... jump any number of times, since every jump reaches its own apex where v==0. Many games can do at most 2 times. Oh, do you mean this is the origination of double-jumps? Well ,in that case, thank you for telling me this. That was fascinating. 
  9. In many games, especially the parkour games, characters can jump ,and while they are still in the air, they can jump again to move further and higher.   Since this is not realistic in the real world, the physics mechanism must be defined artificially. I have three ideas:   1-Whenever the "jump" key is hit in a legal time(that is, the player have not jumped or have jumped only once), the vertical speed will be SET to a specific fixed value.    This means the second jump will bring the player to a  fixed height  above the place where he or she performs the double jump.    However, this means the greatest height is reached when the second jump  is performed at the peak of the first jump ,which is quite strange, since in most games players just hit the "jump" button rapidly twice to do highest double jump instead of waiting for a peak. Another problem with this is that since the first jump is very fast at the beginning, small difference in the time period between two jump actions will lead to a significant difference in the total height reached.   2-Whenever the "jump" key is hit in a legal time, the vertical speed will be ADDED a specific fixed value. This means... well, the total jump height will be highly unstable, too. Simple calculation will reveal that if jumping with a speed of v reaches the height H,  a jump with the initial speed of 2v will only bring the character to 1.414 H. The strategy to reach a best height also lies in performing the second jump at the peak of the first jump.   3-Whenever the second jump is performed, the program calculates the speed it needs to reach a fixed height and set the speed as that. The kinematic energy will be added a specific fixed value.   That is, no matter when the second jump is performed, the total height of the two jumps will always be the same, even if the second jump is performed when the player is going down.(which is quite weird, too.)     That's my plans, all of which don't feel quite right when tested. What's your physics mechanism adapted for your games?   Do you apply different rules when the player is going down and up? Do you have better mechanisms for this? Please do share.   (PS: the picture below is from the parkour game Oven Break, which I tried to analyze its double jump mechanism but failed...)  
  10.   Thanks a lot! Although I still haven't found what I need in "Articles" so far, I decided to settle here since this is a decent forum with nice people and nice articles. I take a look at the link to Amazon you posted, only to find the price of it is 10 times that of the Chinese version :((which is about 4 EUR) , thanks a lot for your time, though.
  11. I've spent some time reading the article and the comments...only to find that I'm more confused --contradict opinions fly from all over the world, and I have no idea whether they fit my current situation here in Beijing, China.   Being a sophomore of CS, I definitely disliked the major now and found it not too helpful for game designing. Homework and group work keep me busy from making my own games...   It would be hard to change my major now, (my university offers "Digital Media Art" major instead of a game design major)...and  I'm trying my best to learn game making on my own.   My words before going to lunch:    I found my passion and won't give up. I hope everyone  identify their passion and devote their life to it -- no matter what kind difficulties may turn up. (That's what I can offer for a "positive, constructive comment", since I don't really have much experiences on this issue)
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