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  1. Matth

    Vulkan 101 Tutorial

    One of the best tutorials on Vulkan on the web at the moment, thank you! 
  2. Matth

    how to chose open_gl libary?

    For window management the most commonly used libraries are GLFW and SDL. SDL offers a full-featured experience while GLFW is only for window and input. http://www.libsdl.org http://www.glfw.org   For OpenGL, the most widely used library is for sure GLEW, which I recommend, since loading OpenGL on your own takes a lot of effort. http://glew.sourceforge.net   For image loading you can use SDL itself or stb_image, but if you want to learn everything you can use a lower level library like libpng and other libraries. https://github.com/nothings/stb   For models, it seems that ASSIMP is really used, but I don't like it too much, their build system is messed up, however it can be a starting point (writing your own OBJ loader is a breeze and lets you learn a lot). http://assimp.org   For math calculations, usually beginners go for GLM, which is header only and so slows down compile time a lot, but is straight-forward to setup. It is not optimized really much but can get you great results, however you can try implementing common functions, it will help you learn linear algebra applied to videogames. http://glm.g-truc.net   Writing your own modules can take a lot of time, but if you have a little team and you want to really understand everything, try writing some of the libraries you need, it will be worth the effort.
  3.   As Mike said, you'd better learn modern OpenGL instead of the old fixed pipeline like on NeHe. Have a look at  http://www.learnopengl.com/.   EDIT: Using WinAPI directly is also not the nicest way to do it, since its platform specific. I'd suggest to use something like GLFW (or SDL/Allegro/SFML but they are higher level), but its your choice.   EDIT 2: Can I ask why downvote? Maybe its not what the OP asked but its important for him to know.
  4. Matth

    Where to learn 2D Math for game dev

    There's also an awesome video tutorial serie,  "Math for Game Developers". It is in 3D but it may be helpful anyway.
  5. Matth

    My book on MOG development on Kickstarter

    Awesome! Long time ago I read some of your articles and I liked them so much. :rolleyes:  I'm gonna back your project. :)
  6. Matth

    [ANDROID][FREE] Zombies VS Pirates

    Awesome concept! I like the pixel art, it is really cool and a nice place to use it.
  7. Yeah, it draws player 1 at the same spot as when I don't make player 2. Anyway, it doesn't matter since I screwed stuff up and now my project is just kind of - well, broken I guess. I had an AI path-finding system and health bar and everything :(   That brings me to a follow-up question:   Is failure in a project like this normal?      Yeah, you usually dont make the next cutting edge game easily and you fail often. The important thing is learning from your errors.   Didnt you use a version control system like Git? I suggest doing so making youre own repo on GitHub if it is open source or GitLab or BitBucket if youre making a proprietary engine.
  8. Awesome website! But I have to tell you that when the website is loading, it hasnt loaded the stylesheet yet, so I see it without a style.   EDIT: Once cached it works with no problem.
  9. I suggest having a look at Math for games developers on Youtube ( https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW3Zl3wyJwWOpdhYedlD-yCB7WQoHf-My ), it is a playlist containing most of the things you need to know explained pretty cleanly.
  10. Matth

    (sweet!) New Vulkan features just released!

    I hope this is a joke, since this remembers my bad ol' days when i started OpenGL 1... :unsure:  Damn fixed function pipeline!!! :angry:
  11. Nice game, i like the sniping graphics!
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