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  1. I'm just imagining Gundams with wheels instead of legs lol.
  2. My C++ Game Engine from scratch

    You is smart.
  3. Is Kotlin with Libgdx good for new Android Game Dev?

    Thx for the input guys. I'm taking this class on Kotlin and Libgdx on Udemy. So far Kotlin seems nice, but I'm a bit worried that there will be a scarce amount of tutorials for it compared to Java (should have realized that before taking the class). That's probably the biggest downside for me. Oh well. If all else fails I'll just go to Java. Edit I'm switching to Java and Android Studio. It's best to learn the basics of Android App Development first. Gotta crawl before I can walk
  4. The only real game programming I've done is with iOS and objective C. I'm switching to Android Game Development now. I've heard high praises for Libgdx, and Kotlin sounds like a nice language. But should I learn the traditional Java language for Android Development first, or can I start fresh with Kotlin and be fine in that regard?
  5. Selling Level Design and Mechanics

    You said level design asset. By asset do you mean graphic elements for the level? Because when I think of assets I think of graphics. If that is the case, you can seperate all your graphics into their building blocks (platforms, grounds, walls, etc.), and then sell the package on a place like GraphicRiver. People can then design their own levels using your assets.
  6. Any idea on this boss mechanism?

    In a general sense, as long as there is still strategy behind the fight then you can make the idea work. If the fog results in literally just guessing in random places to attack or defend, then you've reduced the battle to a complete guessing game.
  7. Hello, I'd like to make a CCG (collectible card game). I'm fine with all the offline programming for the game logic and whatnot. But I have no clue where to start for online stuff. My goals are this: 1) Have players be able to battle each other online via a matchmaking system which matches opponents of a similar rank 2) Have a ranking system similar to Hearthstone (you win, you move up in the rank tiers ex: rank 20 to rank 1) Will I basically have to program these 2 online features myself, or is there an online service which provides me with a way to streamline this somehow? If I have to do all the programming myself, can someone provide me with a list of steps to achieve this? I'm completely new to online server-side programming.
  8. As a solo game designer, I can buy assets for games. But I've concluded that animations for everything would be too difficult to find or too expensive. So I'd like to think of some game types that don't necessarily need animation, or only require the most basic of animations (maybe an explosion or particle effect here or there). The main idea that comes to mind is a collectible card game. Or I could literally go text-based rpg game. Any other ideas?
  9. Trouble finding high quality 2d tile sets (top down)

    You could also do both. Educate yourself about how tiled graphics work.(hint: the first two examples in the OP and the third one are all mediocre, for different reasons, and the two nice looking examples are more troublesome than the bland one). Make all structural tileset design decisions: the set of field, edge and corner types to be used perspective and light source choice size and proportions of tiles, objects, shadows, etc. Implement ugly placeholder graphics.and verify that the design is right Experiment with, and improve, the appearance of your placeholder graphics gradual replacement of early ugly drafts decorations and variations appearance of transitions and borders different outlining and shading styles At this point the graphics are suitable for your game, aligned with your taste and as good as you can make them. Ask a better artist to make improvements: they will have a very good starting point and clear, detailed guidelines that have been validated by actual use.     That's good advice, as is the rest of the advice on this thread. I know my limits though and learning decent tileset art would simply be too time consuming. I have enough respect for artists to know that their craft requires tons of practice and perfecting of skills. I don't have that commitment for it. I now understand that these asset markets are not a reliable source of income for the artists, so I don't expect there to be the amount of quality choices that I want. I will settle for simpler graphics unless I decide to hire an artist. Thanks again for everyone's input. 
  10. Free 2d icons?
  11. Why Do Some Posts Stay at 0 Views

    Okay that makes sense, thanks for clearing that up. I was just worried that the posts were invisible, but I see that's not the case.
  12. What types of games would you like to see in the future?

    I'd like to see mmo's the are made primarily for consoles before computers. I really get into a game more on a controller than a keyboard, and mmos are my favorite genre. 
  13. When I click "Blogs", I am presented with a list of the most recent blogs. When I scroll all the way down, the list ends. I don't see any link to read ealier blogs. Is there no way of accessing earlier blogs and ultimately the full blog list?
  14. Hello, I've been hard at work brainstorming ideas. While I have a pretty solid idea of what the resource bars and stats will be for characters, I have been struggling greatly with deciding the core battle mechanics. I didn't want to continue posting until I had that essential aspect of the game figured out. Luckily after days of frustration, I believe I am finally getting somewhere. . Somewhere is better than nowhere. So what have you come up with? Sorry Charlie, battle mechanics are for the next post; I guarantee they'll be interesting. This post is about resource bars and stats. First let's discuss resource bars. Nearly every game has some sort of resource bar. Health/hit points(hp) is one of them. Mana is another common one used as the resource for fueling magic. This game will have both of those. But where it will differ from most games is that in total there will be 6 different resource bars! Overkill? Perhaps. But since this is an auto-battler, all the resources will be automatically managed. If this was a manual battler, you'd be wracking your brain every second trying to look at 6 resource bars at once. So without further adieu, here they are. 1) hp - Nothing new here. Once you run out, you're dead. Certain abilities will allow you to regain hp in battle. 2) Essence - It's mana with a different name. Spells cost essence, and when you run out you can't cast spells. In this game, I plan for essence to refill at a decent rate on its own during battle. 3) Fervor - This represents your adrenaline/passion. Fervor has different levels. It builds through certain abilities. As you reach higher and higher levels of fervor, it starts depleting more and more quickly and thus is harder to maintain. As you ascend in fervor, your character gets passive boosts to things such as attack speed, run speed, damage, and many more. Fervor may affect magic in some ways too, although I'm not sure of that yet. 4) Mastery - This represents your knowledge of your opponent. It is a single bar that fills up. Once completely full, your character will unleash a mastery ability of your pre-determined choosing. The main theme behind these abilities will be either breaching your opponent's defenses or countering their attacks. Mastery may affect magic abilities as well, but like with fervor I'm unsure of that. 5) Attunement - This is the magical cousin to fervor. It represents the strength of your connection to magic. Casting speed, essence cost, magic damage, and other traits of spells will all improve as your attunement rises. It depletes quicker at higher levels, but it also may deplete if you take damage (a conk on the head sure doesn't help you stay connected with magic). 6) Endurance - This basically represents how physically exhausted your character is. Performing heavy movements or physical based attacks will drain endurance more. Powerful magic spells can drain it too. It replenishes over time through inactivity or less strenuous activity. If your endurance is too low, you won't be able to perform powerful attacks, and your guard can be broken through by powerful attacks. . Phew! That's quite the list of resource bars. But we're not out of the woods yet. What about stats? I'm glad you asked. Surprisingly, stats are rather simple for this game. There's only four of them. Here they are: 1) Strength: Ahh strength, I wish I had more of it. Strength d[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font=Arial][background=transparent]irectly affects your physical damage and what weapons and armors you can equip. It may also affect your hp (stronger guys and gals can typically take more of a beating).[/background][/font][/color] [color=rgb(0,0,0)][font=Arial][background=transparent]2) Conditioning - If you go and pump iron every day you're bound to be strong. But if you don't condition yourself with heavy aerobic exercises such as running, you'll run out of gas rather quickly in a fight. Conditioning represents this. It directly affects your recovery of endurance as well as endurance costs for moves. It could possibly affect the recovery rate of essence as well. It may affect total hp too. The only thing set in stone however is its relationship with endurance.[/background][/font][/color] [color=rgb(0,0,0)][font=Arial][background=transparent]3) Agility - This represents both reflexes and flexibility. It affects your ability to dodge, your weapon and run speed (although strength may have a greater influence on this for heavier armors and weapons), and perhaps your ability to gain mastery quicker.[/background][/font][/color] [color=rgb(0,0,0)][font=Arial][background=transparent]4) Concentration - The all-encompassing magic stat. It affects your total essence and attunement ability, the recovery rate of essence, and possibly the essence costs of magic. It could also affect mastery (If you have good concentration then you'll pick up on your opponent's tendencies better).[/background][/font][/color] . Really? Only 4 stats?? I've never heard of a game with more resource bars than stats. It's not the amount that counts, it's how you use them. You're free to invest stat points as you see fit. They will drastically affect how your character plays. Do you want a massive weapon wielding caster? Then invest in strength and concentration. Do you want a nimble rogue-like caster, then invest in agility and concentration. How about a berserker who goes on an endless rampage? Invest in strength and conditioning. You're free to pool all your stats points into one stat, spread them out evenly, and everything in between. Stats are the foundation of what your character will be. . It all makes sense now... sort of. I still think 4 stats is pretty low What can I say? Four's a good number to me. We have 4 limbs, and everyone knows limbs and stats go hand and hand, right? It's really late and my brain is starting to malfunction. So let's end here. I've got some questions for you: . 1) What are some other resource bars you can think of? I know I've made a lot, but if you've got your own creative one in mind then do share. 2) What are some other stats you can think of? I've been pretty stubborn and stuck to only 4. Surely there's more.
  15. One of my posts is staying at zero views after numerous days. Now I know it may not be a popular topic, but any post in the forum is bound to get a couple of views. I've seen other random posts stay at 0 views as well. Is this an error and they really have views not being displayed?