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  1. Jordan Hoffman

    Avoiding overpowering the MC

    With absolutely no info given your question is akin to asking if you should make the sky bluer or the clouds whiter.
  2. Jordan Hoffman

    Looking for Weapon Trail Animations 2D

    Hello, I'm having a lot of trouble finding weapon trail animations for 2D. Usually, the animations are directly tied to the character sprite in a sprite sheet which is no good for me. This example has a nice weapon slash but its directly tied to this character which I don't want. I'd like to simply have generic weapon trails not tied to any character that I can place on top of a character doing whatever attack its doing. I've found a few, particularly this one by finalbossblues: I'm not too concerned with spell effects right now. I just want to find as many attack animation effects as I can for as many different ways to swing weapons. Does anyone know of any other assets for this?
  3. Jordan Hoffman

    Free art assets is a great site for both free and paid. Here's a link for free:
  4. Jordan Hoffman

    How to chart out the flow of the economy of a game

    You know that first diagram is actually pretty good lol. Your work may be done for you. Ofcourse the devil is in the details. Figuring out how to balance everything so the economy doesn't go completely out of whack is a daunting task indeed. It may be good to search for where there are succesful ingame economies and terrible ones and what caused each to be that way.
  5. Jordan Hoffman

    Tabletop Games

    I haven't seen a specific question in your thread that is asking for game design help. It seems more about time constraints. If you need more people to help with game creation you can check under Forums -> Community -> Hobby Project Classifieds. If you have some design questions though, feel free to ask.
  6. Jordan Hoffman

    Native Android Studio Game Engine?

    Okay, so what's the definition for game engine? Because what you described (game loop, time step, asset management, collision, etc) is what I want to achieve. I thought that was a game engine, but it's not? Should I just say game library?
  7. Jordan Hoffman

    Native Android Studio Game Engine?

    It's a simple engine for a game I want to make. I just want to make sure I do it the best way. Core stuff for the basic game loop, like update and drawing. I know there's zero reason for anyone to use it since there's multiplatform engines out there. But I just wanted to do my whole game from scratch, start to finish solely in android studio.
  8. Hi, I'd like to make a 2D game engine native to Android Studio. I'm looking for tutorials on how to do it. So far I've only found one: Does anyone know any other tutorials? Also, are there certain limitations that simply can't be overcome using Android Studio, perhaps optimization limitations?
  9. Jordan Hoffman

    Portrait or landscape?

    If it makes sense for the character to be running upwards, then do portrait. ex: a rocket ship makes sense to be moving upwards.
  10. Let's say you have a game like flappy bird. Basically zero extra features. You go for the high score and that's it. Somehow it becomes one of the most downloaded games ever. I'm planning on making a game similar to that. But I could add extra features to it. These include temporary powerups, permanent upgrades, levels, story, maybe bosses, challenge modes, achievements, and so on. How important are extra features to you, and when do you prefer a barebones game vs. a game with lots of extra features?
  11. I'm just imagining Gundams with wheels instead of legs lol.
  12. Jordan Hoffman

    My C++ Game Engine from scratch

    You is smart.
  13. Jordan Hoffman

    Is Kotlin with Libgdx good for new Android Game Dev?

    Thx for the input guys. I'm taking this class on Kotlin and Libgdx on Udemy. So far Kotlin seems nice, but I'm a bit worried that there will be a scarce amount of tutorials for it compared to Java (should have realized that before taking the class). That's probably the biggest downside for me. Oh well. If all else fails I'll just go to Java. Edit I'm switching to Java and Android Studio. It's best to learn the basics of Android App Development first. Gotta crawl before I can walk
  14. The only real game programming I've done is with iOS and objective C. I'm switching to Android Game Development now. I've heard high praises for Libgdx, and Kotlin sounds like a nice language. But should I learn the traditional Java language for Android Development first, or can I start fresh with Kotlin and be fine in that regard?
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