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  1. Jordan Hoffman

    How to avoid open-world grind?

    To me, grinding involves killing trash mobs repeatedly. I think developers do this because it's the simplest way to extend gameplay time without having to create new content for the game, and different people have different degrees of how much grind they enjoy or can at least put up with. There's ways to add variety to grind though. If your first grind quest was to kill 10 rats. Your next grind quest could be to kill 10 rats in under 1 minute. You've imposed a new challenge to make the task feel somewhat fresh. Your next quest could be to battle 10 rats simultaneously rather than one at a time, killing them all and surviving. Your next task could be to protect 1 "good" rat from 10 evil rats attacking him. My point is, even though grind involves no "new" content creation, you can still make it feel new or refreshing by adding specific challenges associated with the grind. Grind doesn't have to be a bad thing; it can be fun.
  2. Jordan Hoffman

    Looking for Pixel RPG Asset Sets

    The only artist I know who has a fully done set of pixel art for rpgs is finalbossblues: https://finalbossblues.itch.io/ He's got tons of characters, all animated (at least walking), and tons of tilesets. One could make an extensive rpg with all his assets. Does anyone know of other artists who similarly have tons of assets all done with the same theme, as if to be put into one game?
  3. Jordan Hoffman

    How to make a hard platformer

    Sure why not. Or you can just shorten it to "just try whatever"
  4. Jordan Hoffman

    How to make a hard platformer

    Precision is one form of difficulty. Needing to perfectly time a platform to the last pixel before you jump in order to make it to the next platform: that's precision. However, besides precision there's other forms of difficulty in platformers. Having to quickly react and dodge enemies/projectiles as they come at you during the platformer stage definitely increases difficulty. Needing to recognize patterns in traps and hazards within the stage is another kind. You should try to mix it up. Typically if you make something mundane like jumping from one platform to another require insane precision, a larger group of your players will get frustrated quickly. So I'd encourage different kinds of difficulty, unless your goal is strictly to appeal to the target audience that enjoys perfect jump timing.
  5. Jordan Hoffman

    Need a review of design idea

    The idea itself is very creative. You have an excellent novel puzzel game. This is a great time waster and you should make it for the phone. I have to be honest, I played for like 5 minutes and got bored of it on my computer. But that's why it's good for the phone. When you've got a little freetime and don't have access to a computer or console, then these puzzle games shine. If you want to make it more addictive, incorporate rewards and possibly a leaderboard of some kind. Maybe least amount of moves to complete level. And even though it's a puzzle game, you can have a little story in it if you like. Maybe the snake is on a journey of some sort. You could have different themed backgrounds (desert, grasslands, mountains, etc.) But the core of the game is novel (at least to me) and that's what counts!
  6. Jordan Hoffman

    Need feedback for GDD

    Read through your doc. It has all the makings for your standard survival game. So you just need ideas for alien species, biomes, and planet details? How about a kangaroo-like alien with crab claws and an anteater mouth. A plant that looks like a venus fly trap but it has tentacles instead of leaves and it sprays sticky green goop. A planet where the grass is blue and the tree leaves have freckles on them. ----- If you need further ideas I'll be happy to use my random idea generator to create some for you.
  7. Jordan Hoffman

    Godot or not?

    What in the world are you talking about? Godot has been out since 2014 and is currently on version 3.something. Are you confusing it with something else?
  8. Jordan Hoffman

    How to call such encumbrance system?

    Just call it weight system... or encumbrance system... or hyperload limit bearing gauge... whatever man it's just a name.
  9. Jordan Hoffman

    Avoiding overpowering the MC

    With absolutely no info given your question is akin to asking if you should make the sky bluer or the clouds whiter.
  10. Jordan Hoffman

    Looking for Weapon Trail Animations 2D

    Hello, I'm having a lot of trouble finding weapon trail animations for 2D. Usually, the animations are directly tied to the character sprite in a sprite sheet which is no good for me. This example has a nice weapon slash but its directly tied to this character which I don't want. I'd like to simply have generic weapon trails not tied to any character that I can place on top of a character doing whatever attack its doing. I've found a few, particularly this one by finalbossblues: https://finalbossblues.itch.io/pixel-animations-and-effects I'm not too concerned with spell effects right now. I just want to find as many attack animation effects as I can for as many different ways to swing weapons. Does anyone know of any other assets for this?
  11. Jordan Hoffman

    Free art assets

    itch.io is a great site for both free and paid. Here's a link for free: https://itch.io/game-assets/free
  12. Jordan Hoffman

    How to chart out the flow of the economy of a game

    You know that first diagram is actually pretty good lol. Your work may be done for you. Ofcourse the devil is in the details. Figuring out how to balance everything so the economy doesn't go completely out of whack is a daunting task indeed. It may be good to search for where there are succesful ingame economies and terrible ones and what caused each to be that way.
  13. Jordan Hoffman

    Tabletop Games

    I haven't seen a specific question in your thread that is asking for game design help. It seems more about time constraints. If you need more people to help with game creation you can check under Forums -> Community -> Hobby Project Classifieds. If you have some design questions though, feel free to ask.
  14. Jordan Hoffman

    Native Android Studio Game Engine?

    Okay, so what's the definition for game engine? Because what you described (game loop, time step, asset management, collision, etc) is what I want to achieve. I thought that was a game engine, but it's not? Should I just say game library?
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