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  1. Finding projects to work on

    Thankyou for your replies and advice, I'll check out the indie projects posted on this website too
  2. Hi I'm a composer and would like the chance to  work on a short term project or contribute a few tracks to a project as long as I am credited  If you are interested send me an email at davesd45@gmail.com I compose many different genres of music but I show you my soundcloud so you can get an idea   https://soundcloud.com/brodown45    
  3. Finding projects to work on

    I have been looking a lot lately to find composing work, sometimes not even paid but just contributing a few tracks to a project to get credited but I'm not sure where to look, I've made some posts on reddit but couldn't find much recently. I love making music but don't really know a lot about the industry but from what I can imagine its quite a small community of composers that get the majority of work and projects to work on and directors and developers will keep coming back to these composers time and time again. Which is fair enough, they don't usually want to take a risk with an unknown, it just seems theres a lot more supply than demand with composing work, although any insights would be appreciated. I mainly like to do transcriptions and piano arrangements of videogame music but would also like to compose some music for original projects too if I get the chance.
  4. I like it, Im not really sure what feedback I can give without the context of the music, it sounds like it would fit a JRPG well. Also it seems like some of the instruments are very hard panned with not much going on in the center, not sure if this was intentional. I listened to some other music on your channel, I like your general sound, your melodies are quite unique.
  5. Im talking mainly indie developers, I like to compose orchestral music and even though it is widely used in AAA games with them becoming more and more cinematic, I'm just wondering what music indie developers are looking to put in there games, for example a more electronic retro sound or something else, how long are the tracks usually that you implement into your engine, is music in indie games carefully deliberated over or used more to enhance the overall atmosphere rather than drive the story. I know of course it depends on the game but I'm talking in general
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