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  1. Holey Moley is now out on Apple App Store as well!You can download it here at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/holey-moley-asylum/id1253228450Changelog:* Adjusted hit box for moles* Bug fixes
  2. Oily Man - World's hardest game? [FREE][ANDROID][IOS]

    Good day to you!Oily Man 1.1.0 is now live on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Here is the full changelog:* Now you can record Oily Man's crazy death scenes and share it online!* We widen the paths of levels 1 - 6, added more walls, and changed the appearance of the entrance/exit portal.* Countdown has been removed. The game now starts when you move Oily Man. * Additional animations added to make Oily Man more alive and hilarious. * Now you can keep the coins you have collected even though you fail to clear the level. * The number of coins required to unlock levels are now cheaper. * Game improvement and optimization.* Bug fixes.
  3. Oily Man

  4. Education advise for total beginner

    Most importantly, figure out which role you are interested in, there are a lot of different roles.
  5. Level Designer Portfolio

    Show your breakdown for your level design. For example, why do you use this element instead of another kind? Why did you put a slope here? Give this a read, it might help you. http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/131736/beginning_level_design_part_1.php
  6. Tips for my Game

    I would say build a more progressive level structure. So players don't feel that something that they learnt from the previous level isn't helping with a later level. So you need better level designs that allows player to practice a certain skill or knowledge while slowly adding in new elements.
  7. [Android] Color Shape

    Simple yet cool concept. How many people worked on this and how long did you take to develop it?
  8. [Android][iOS] Idle Space

    Very nice looking game. How long did you take to complete it and how many people involved in the development?
  9. Oily Man - World's hardest game? [FREE][ANDROID][IOS]

    Oily Man is now out on iOS! We have made the game more juicy for you!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRaOqm7iz88
  10. Holy Moly! It's been slightly more than 1 year after Holey Moley has been released. Have you tried it? We just uploaded an update.   Gameplay adjustments:  - Game speed increases less drastically - Moles spawning more often.   Functionality added:  - Auto login to Google Play Games Services - Android "Back" button functionality to UI for better user experience.
  11. Help Wanted [Unpaid]

    You want such a big team but it is all unpaid jobs? Wow
  12. Check out our latest game by Asylum House! Oily Man Download Free on Apple App Store https://goo.gl/tBCckW Download Free on Google Play Store https://goo.gl/Q9PJ2F   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6mPl0GY6Qs   World's hardest game. Do you dare to challenge it? Oily Man is raised by the Devil to do naughty things and he needs your help to escape this accursed fate. Can he successfully navigate these perilous paths with your help? Features: → Hours of fun for the entire family and friends → Suitable for all ages. No blood, violence or obscene language → Simple controls → Increasing difficulty that creates action-packed fun for both casual and veteran players → Attractive and engaging visuals → Extremely Fun and Addictive! How to Play: 1. Swipe in the direction you want to run. Oily Man will gain momentum when you continue to move in the same direction. 2. Don't fall off the path 3. Beware of traps and obstacles along the way! Be sure to get your friends to play to see who can get the furthest in the fastest time. Good luck! Download Oily Man for free for iOS https://goo.gl/tBCckW Download Oily Man for free for Android​ https://goo.gl/Q9PJ2F
  13. The Indie Game Adventure ( Youtube Videos )

    How much did you pay for your domain and which provider did you use? We are looking into getting a domain ourselves too and doing some research
  14. Check out our first Mobile Game by Asylum House! Holey Moley Download Free on Google Play StoreDownload Free on Apple App Store https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clx1XDGRGlg Predict the moles and whack them before they escape! How long can you last? Or will you get dizzy first and let the moles rule the world? Compete with your friends for the highest score. Features: - Fast Action Gameplay - Challenge your Friends for the High Score - Extremely Fun & Addicting! How to Play: 1. Swipe left or right to change direction 2. Tap on Whack! to swing your hammer Download Holey Moley for free for AndroidHEREDownload Holey Moley for free for iOSHERE Follow us on Facebook to find out more about our future games https://www.facebook.com/asylumhouse.co/
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