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    Sandbox Adventure, HTML5 visual novel engine

    Awesome stuff dude. Hope one day you do make SA open source, if you do, it would be nice if you could create visual novels online with it. About the monetizing topic, maybe when SA becomes open source and people began creating games with it, they could choose to buy a license if they want to charge for their projects made with your engine. 
  2. Dins3939

    The Dark Play Store released!

    Looks neat, I love horror games, usually I like to play them with friends ( :P ), the atmosphere seems very intense. Is this only for Android? I would love to play it.
  3. Dins3939

    [Android][Game] 5k dls in 2 weeks - How Did Amy Die?

    Wow, very interesting concept, It's true we have to gain concern about using the phone while driving, and the game looks fun. 
  4. Dins3939

    Putting together a team

    Hello de1234, I can help you with the script for the game, and can help with graphics too. I would like to be part of this game, but do you have basic coding knowledge? Otherwise I would recommend to have a programmer with basic knowledge first. If you want my help please send me a message, but I will only help as long as I see something in concrete first.
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