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  1. FusionCL.Net is a new wrapper around OpenCL for C#(4.7.2) - The git is online, and it is working. It's not 100% complete but you can create programs, run kernels, create membuffers and read/write them. It works fine for me on a Nvidia 1060. There are two projects on the git repo. FusionCLNative.dll - this is a C++ wrapper around opencl, you do not need to use this. FusionCL.Net - This is a C# set of classes(Namespace:FusionCL) that internally uses the native dll to create and use the OpenCL library. Like i said, not 100% complete, but it is working and usable. Only a small amount of code really, but it works well and I think is very easy to use. - So, yeah just a head's up. Free for anyone, please let me know if you run into any issues or have any requests for future commits. Cheers! https://github.com/AntDevUnity/FusionCL.NET
  2. Vivid3DDev

    Vivid3D - 3D Engine/IDE

    A 3D engine built in C# using OpenTK - it makes use of modern rendering techniques/shaders. Still in very active development. Features 3D RenderTarget Environment-Mapping Reflections Shaders Per-Pixel Normal Mapping PBR Post-FX Processing OpenGL 4.5 OpenTK Graphics Engine Integrated Development Environment
  3. After coming up with the name Fusion for the ide, I decided to refactor the whole project to be called Fusion. So instead of vividengine, it's fusion engine. instead of vividscript, it's fusion script. Not just names, but major refactoring of class names etc. As for the newly titled fusionscript, I am half way through a complete rewrite of the parser. Also it now has reverse polish expressions, meaning they finally work like any other language.
  4. Vivid3DDev

    3D FusionIDE W.I.P 1 -

    Here is the welcome screen to fusionIDE - it is a multi-state, multi-form custom editor wrote 100% using vivid3d's 3d and 2d capabilities. The UI is called ResonanceUI. This is all OpenGL based. Here is the video of the welcome screen.
  5. Vivid3DDev

    VividScript making progress.

    It now has IF/FOR/WHILE/Assignments , the following code works fine. func Entry(int ant) loop = 25+26; while(loop>0) loop = loop - 1; v = 0; for(v=0;v<5;v=v+1) if(v>2) printf(loop); end end end end
  6. Vivid3DDev


    Resumed work on Vivid-Script. Vivid-Script is a managed, real time scripting language. It is wrote for Vivid3D, and as such will not just be a normal language with a set of functions, it will instead offer several features that connect closely with the engine. It works on a dynamic engine. i.e, it uses a lot of the C# dynamics feature, so that code is clean and safe, by ensuring there are no mis-matches before running. here is a simple script, that runs fine. and also there is the code to run it in c# module TestModule int testVal end func Entry(int age,string name) printf("Hey testing!"+" Oh yeah!"+" This is working!") end And here is the code to run it, VSource src = new VSource("test1.vs"); VCompiler comp = new VCompiler(); VCompiledSource s = comp.Compile(src); VME test_vme = new VME(); test_vme.SetEntry ( s.EntryPoint ); test_vme.RunEntry ( ); And here is the function that registers C# methods/code to the language, so it can connect to normal C# methods easily. public void RegisterOSFuncs ( ) { // - printF( <Expressions> ) CFuncLink printF = new CFuncLink { Link = ( t ) => { Console.WriteLine ( "printF:" + t[0]); return null; } }; AddCFunc ( "printf", printF ); }
  7. C# + OpenTK is how i prefer to use opengl generally - might be worth a try? you can use nuget to dl and integerate it.
  8. Had an idea, what if you had a next pixel map? it would be slightly fuzzy but. tex 1 = a atlas, you insert a image, it finds the first free pixel, then tex 2 on that pixel is a value indicating the next pixel location/offset. could this in theory allow for really high packing or am i not seeing something wrong with the idea? I might try giving it a go, i'll upload any images if anyone is interested, source too.
  9. Hi, I am trying to code a Lightmapper for my 3D engine, and as such I implemented a TexturePacker/Atlas, and although it's working OK, I find it oddly in-effecient. It mostly packs all to the left and leaves a lot of free space to the right. Here is the code, can you spot anything wrong, or suggest another way to do it? Cheers. I have a test win.form app if required, I could upload it. Cheers. using System.Collections.Generic; namespace Vivid3D.Util.Texture { public class TexTree { public static List<TreeLeaf> Leafs = new List<TreeLeaf>(); public TreeLeaf Root { get; set; } public Rect RC; public TexTree ( int w, int h ) { RC = new Rect ( 0, 0, w, h ); //Root = ne //w TreeLeaf (new Rect(0,0,w,h)); } public TreeLeaf Insert ( int w, int h, int id = -1 ) { //return Root.Insert ( w, h ); if ( Root == null ) { Root = new TreeLeaf ( new Rect ( 0, 0, w, h ), id ) { Used = true }; Root.Child [ 0 ] = new TreeLeaf ( new Rect ( 0, h, RC.W, RC.H - h ) ); Root.Child [ 1 ] = new TreeLeaf ( new Rect ( w, 0, RC.W - w, h ) ); } else { return Root.Insert ( w, h ); } return Root; } } public class TreeLeaf { public TreeLeaf[] Child = new TreeLeaf[2]; public Rect RC = new Rect(); public int TexID = 0; public bool Used = false; public TreeLeaf ( Rect s, int id = -1 ) { RC = s; TexID = -1; Child [ 0 ] = Child [ 1 ] = null; TexTree.Leafs.Add ( this ); } public TreeLeaf Insert ( int w, int h ) { if ( Used ) { TreeLeaf rn = Child [ 1 ].Insert ( w, h ); if ( rn != null ) { return rn; } rn = Child [ 0 ].Insert ( w, h ); if ( rn != null ) { return rn; } } else { if ( w < RC.W && h < RC.H ) { Used = true; Child [ 0 ] = new TreeLeaf ( new Rect ( RC.X, RC.Y + h, RC.W, RC.H - h ) ); Child [ 1 ] = new TreeLeaf ( new Rect ( RC.X + w, RC.Y, RC.W - w, h ) ); RC.W = w; RC.H = h; return this; } else { return null; } } return null; } public bool Fits ( int w, int h ) { return w < RC.W && h < RC.H; } } public class Rect { public float X,Y,W,H; public Rect ( ) { X = Y = W = H = 0; } public Rect ( float x, float y, float w, float h ) { X = x; Y = y; W = w; H = h; } } }
  10. Vivid3DDev

    Vivid3D - 3D Engine/IDE

    Album for Vivid3D - 3D Engine/IDE
  11. V1.0 of the exporter is complete - It can export the entire scene graph, including transforms(Rotation etc) - also exports normals/binormals/tangents and any materials. Conversely, Vivid3D engine/ide, can load this exported data with a few clicks. And the end result looks almost indentical to the 3ds max editor scene. this example shot turns off lighting etc, just to show that it works including textures/uv maps. Youtube preview of exporting being used.
  12. Vivid3DDev

    Blog 1 - 3DS Max 2018

    Atm we are working on a 3DS Max 2018 Native plugin, that exports the entire 3DS max scene into a custom format called "V3DM" (Short for Vivid3D Model Format) This can easily be imported into the Vivid3D IDE by dragging dropping, or double clicking in the Content Explorer pane. It exports position/rotation/scale of every INode and also the meshes contained. We will post a new blog tomorrow with some example pictures of a scene in 3dsmax, then in vivid3d. Cheers.
  13. “Rest In Pieces” – Epic mp war game. No guns, just nukes/mega missiles/super bombs. -Combi nuke – all together then a nuke explosion. -Big Open Arenas -Fields Of Explosions – Map filled with nuke mines. -Football Gory – Soccer Arena with soccer modifiers. - The game will be online only. It is being coded for Windows 10 atm, but a XBOX one version could happen. We are using an in-house 3D engine/IDE called Vivid3D - here is a couple of links for that, https://github.com/AntDevUnity/Vivid3D https://sourceforge.net/projects/vivid3d/ - Although the game is new, the engine/ide have been in dev for over a year - it's quite cool, it even has it's own native 3DS max 2018 exporter, and can import over 40+ other formats thanks to AssImp. So yeah, with that out of the way, we are looking for both 2D and 3D artists. We are also open to having another C#/OpenTK/GL coder on board too. If you are interested, pls pm me or email at antonyrobwells@gmail.com We have one 3d artist atm, and me, the coder.
  14. Hello, I am putting together a team for a undecided type of game. I also make music but it's not quite pro level.   Feel free to contact me at antonyrobwells@gmail.com if you're interested in a chat.
  15. Vivid3DDev

    2D/3D Artist Seeking Team

    Hi, I  am a dedicated and experienced coder including C#,C++,Unity3D & UDK - I would be interested in discussion possible projects with you. Contact me at antonyrobwells@gmail.com if you are interested.    Thank you.
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