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  1. SoldierOfLight

    Capture constantbuffer in commandlist

    This is true, unless the D3D11_FEATURE_DATA_THREADING::DriverCommandLists flag is true. In that case, it's possible for the driver to actually use real GPU resources to hold the data and eliminate the temporary you described. I've hooked this up in D3D11On12 in a recent release, but outside of 11on12, I'm not sure how common it is to see this type of functionality actually supported.
  2. SoldierOfLight

    Jerking in D3D12HelloConstBuffers sample

    So what you're saying is, the debug build doesn't run at 60fps, but the release build does? That just sounds like overhead in the debug build, whether it's from lack of compiler optimizations, or (more likely) STL iterator debugging.
  3. A swapchain creates things AND submits work. Since you can have multiple command queues belonging to the same device, the app needs to be explicit about which one should have the work submitted against it. And since you can get from the command queue to the device, there's no reason to pass both the device and queue, just the queue is sufficient.
  4. SoldierOfLight

    Depth buffer resource, mipmaps

    Documentation disagrees. D3D12_TEX2D_DSV contains a field for a MipSlice. Depth resource can in fact be mipped, but there's no way to write to the individual mips other than to explicitly bind them as a DSV. I have no idea why you'd do such a thing, but it is in fact legal.
  5. Do you need to detect it? Can't you just always swap in a device context state which indicates D3D11?
  6. The QueryInterface always succeeds or fails the same way, regardless of the state of the device context. You'll need another way to observe it.
  7. Are you saying the VPAndRTArrayIndexFromAnyShaderFeedingRasterizer flag name isn't immediately obvious what it means?
  8. Yes, the device context state also encapsulates all device context state, not just which API target you're using. You swap to an empty one when you enter your code, set all of your state, then swap back to the app's before leaving.
  9. ID3D11DeviceContext1::SwapDeviceContextState
  10. Yes, you can QueryInterface the ID3D10Device for an ID3D11Device1, create a device context state and apply it to the D3D11 immediate context (which you can get from the device) to switch into D3D11 mode. You can swap back the original device context state to go back to D3D10 before you return out to your caller.
  11. If you're on Win8 or Win7 with KB2670838, you can just QueryInterface for ID3D11Resource or ID3D11Texture2D. You can use ID3D11DeviceContext1::SwapDeviceContextState to swap between a D3D11 immediate context interface and D3D10 device. For some more context, D3D10 and D3D10.1 don't really exist anymore, other than as API interfaces implemented by the D3D11 runtime. And if you want to know if you're looking at a D3D10 resource, cast to IUnknown and QueryInterface for ID3D10Resource instead. It'll fail if it's not a D3D10 resource.
  12. SoldierOfLight

    Drawing multiple objects

    Do you really set your vertex/index buffers *after* you issue the draw call?
  13. I"m afraid I have no idea what SharpDX does differently in debug or release configurations, the only way I know of to programattically change this behavior is by: 1. Changing your application EXE name. 2. Exporting the vendor-specific globals to change this behavior.
  14. There's nothing you can do. Fullscreen exclusive mode only supports monitors connected to the GPU where you're rendering. The one exception is in hybrid laptops, where the fullscreen mode has a cross-adapter copy before it hits the screen, but this scenario is only available if the adapter enumeration says that the monitor is connected to the discrete GPU, which generally happens based on IHV control panel settings or specifically-named exports from your EXE. Your only option is a borderless windowed approach if you want to explicitly target a different render adapter from the display.
  15. SoldierOfLight

    Silly Input Layout Problem

    You're passing a hardcoded 3 as the number of elements. Maybe try _countof(ied) or ARRAYSIZE(ied).
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